See if you can do this

Hello everyone, I’m new and I am sorry if I put this in the wrong section of the forum but I was wondering if anyone wants to try something while they’re dreaming. I haven’t done a lot of crazy things in my dreams since I can’t stay in them for long but I hope to in the future since I have learned new tricks from you guys (Dreaming is one of my favorite things to do, I don’t have an exciting life so I usually look forward to dreaming every night).

Anyways sorry if I am getting off topic, the point I'm trying to get to is, has anyone, or can anyone try, to summon the Hammer from THOR (comic book/movie) Like he does by reaching his hand in the sky and waiting for it to come into his hands. Then aim it at someone or something and cause lightning to burst out of the sky and strike it/them.

I can do things like Teleporting (I don't do it that often anymore because when I close my eyes and reopen them to appear somewhere I usually wake up instead). I've only flew a few times, I'm not very good at it. I can do a few more things but I usually do Telekinesis which is moving objects with your mind. When I can't do that, I've found that I can rely on calling the Hammer of THOR from the skies (and it's cool to use also). I have probably used it around 7 times and it appeared every time I asked for it.        

Also, when the single bolt of lightning reigns down from the skies and hits someone, half the time it doesn’t even do anything ( I don’t know if I am concentrating enough ).

If you read the whole thing I’m sorry it was so long, this is my first post and I hope it doesn’t annoy you too much with my overuse of comma’s and probably incorrect grammar. Thanks for reading and reply if you have used the H of Thor. It would be interesting to see your experiences with it. :smile:

Don’t worry about grammar, there are a lot of us here with english not being our first language…

Thor - hammer. Nice idea. I like it.

I’ve never tried it. I guess I’m to occupied with my quests and once when I’m in a LD I’m so astonished with places that I find myself that I just explore that. Usually that’s from high altitude, flying of course :content: which is my favorite…

It would be cool to recreate the whole, at least more popular characters from Marvel’s comic books or movies… And have a fight as they had in The Avengers…

Nice ideas… Usually helps to plan out your goals and if you are lucid enough it’s not that hard to achieve it if you believe that you actually can. Also don’t worry about your dream control. It’s always a 2 step quest. First you need to get good at inducing LD’s and then you can practice control in LD’s which is step 2.

In my opinion:

this is very important. If you feel like that every night I believe that you will succeed very much. Motivation is everything.

Good luck! :content:

First of all, hello! That seems awesome and I think I can do that. Though, I usually prefer using fire and ice magic rather than thunder :tongue:

When I need to do that, I’ll open a dimensional portal. That reduces a lot the risk of waking up. What do you think? Maybe an instrument, such as the one from the game “Portal”, could help a lot. :smile: