See thougts really

Hello Dreamers,

Tonight i was in bed and i thought and i thougt so that i see the toughts really for me. Then the thougts are gone.

Was this HI or a beginning LD/WILD or other?


what do you mean see thought really for me?? :confused:

Sorry I come from The Netherlands.
I mean that I can see thoughts like it is real.

Do you understand me?

This does sound like beginning HI. This is how I notice that I have started to fall asleep: my thoughts get random, and they float through my head in visible or audible form. If you practice WILD, this is a critical point where the process of falling asleep has actually begun. :cool:

Thanks! I have also sometimes thought to things and then I make up a story In my head and sometimes there comes nonsense voices in my thougts but it looks like it is a very minimal form of hearing it really.
I have also sometimes have this:
I am in bed and I am very tired and I imagine that I send a PB to someone on LD4all and then I thought What? I am only thought it and it is not real. This can be very confusing and annoying in some times.

Are this things also HI?


I have found this to be the most effective way to WILD for me. When the random thoughts and images match the “daydream”, it can sometimes take only a few moments before it turns into a real dream. The critical point is where it changes from “watching” the scene to “standing in” it.

Yes, that is also HI. I get this one more often after sleep than before it.

Really? :smile: Wow!
What can I do next time so I not wake up and i can enter a LD?
I feeling my lucid on the moment that i see the image. When i realized that i can really see the thoughts the image disappears.

Ok I thought that it was daydreaming. Is daydreaming also HI?