Seeing shapes without any technique?

Hi, i have a question about shapes you can see when you are trying to get into LD. I woke up this morning, it was 6 am. I think it´s too late for trying some techniques, so i went to sleep normally. but, when i almost fell asleep, i started to see shapes. it looked like on my avatar, but much more simplier, only one “black” place and one “white” line around it and it moved (nice :smile: ), what it was? again, i didn´t use any technique and i wasn´t in SP :eek:

I’m pretty sure this was an HI which came much faster because you have already been tired.

so, if i fall asleep in this state, there´s a chance to get LD? :smile:

It was probably HI, like Mefaso said. This doesn’t require any technique to induce, I experienced this when I was younger, about 11 actually. During that period of time I would run extensive amounts during the day, and took naps during the afternoon to release all that tension cause from it. During that time, I would have trouble actually falling asleep because my body was so tired, but my mind was active, which caused significant amounts of HI. I didn’t know what they were, but I knew it was natural, so I simply rested and stared at them until I either fell asleep, or knew I wasn’t going to be able to fall asleep, and simply got up.

There’s no correlation between seeing HI and lucid dreams other than the fact that it’s a step in certain techniques, therefor you wont have a lucid dream simply because you saw HI. However, this does mean that you will probably be more conscious when falling asleep, maybe resulting in a DILD because of that focus.