Seeing the Dream after waking

a lot of times after i wake up from a dream, usually a vivid one, i would open my eyes and still see the last scene i saw in the dream, it will remain and fade away as im wondering what is going on, usually a second or two.

most of the times the wall of my bedroom is in front of my face as i wake up and it kind of gives it a depth feeling when the image of the scene is projected on it. other times i got to look to the other side where its actually my room, desk, chair, closet, there too, it starts out as the scene and slowly fades into my actual room.

im not sure if in any of those times there was something moving in the scene that stayed on when i woke up.
this is not false awakening.

anyone has this?

Yes, it is called hypnopompic hallucinations, I think. I have sometimes had this with sleep paralysis, or from waking myself up from a LD on purpose.

It could be the brain re-adjusting from internal to external stimuli?

Yes! I get this occasionally. When waking from the lucid state it is much more vivid.

In fact once I could still ‘feel’ the dream while waking up - my alarm music started to go off and I was determined to stay in the dream. There were rough brick walls that I could still feel, still see the room from the dream while my alarm went off.

After more than a minute of music I decided to wake up and seamlessly transitioned into waking - with the visuals and feelings slowly fading/overlaid with the real world. The alarm tune was on the second minute of music, so somehow I was experiencing internal and external stimuli at the same time.

sounds about right.

just to clear up, there is that kind of hallucination where you see a character in your room, mostly during SP, and theres this, where you get to keep looking into the dream with eyes open after you wake up.

did anyone ever did something with this?

you can actually use this time to re enter dreams as well to re gain lucidity, I have used this on many occasions when waking from a lucid far too soon. the trick is to stay still, focus your vision not through your eyes but back to the dream and ‘pull’ yourself back into it. It takes a little practice but the effects are remarkable - you could call this a WILD to a level. Re entry is a great tool to have.

what your talking about Timeless sounds more like chaining than what i mean here. eyes open

The mind is anew amazing thing and vision is not only produced by the eyes, so to speak. The HI you see here with eyes open can be a mix between your actual visual senses from your physical eyes and also your minds eye rendering.

You can if you wish, focus heavily on the images and force yourself back into a dream, sort of like a WILD but faster. Chaining or re entry sure you like these words better

I’ll second this. I’ve done it many times. It can be done more than once for the same dream too. :good:

i believe that too, i guess i thought with what you said before that you took in consideration that your eyes are close when going back to the dream (thus chaining), my bad.

im going to reach out into that scene next time i see it and find out whether my hand hits the wall or something more interesting happens

:smile: let us know what happens

touched the wall :content:
would have made more sense if my hand did went through, the feeling of the dream is still there, and it looks very realistic although i knew at the time it makes no sense.

now lets see what happens if i focus on it.