Seeing through my eyelids

Hey everyone!

Haven’t been into lucid dreaming for a looong time but now i’m back and more excited about it than ever before :happy:

I often wake up for very short periods of time and sometimes I can lay there with my eyes closed and begin seeing my room through my eyelids! Since i’m really tired and with very low rational thinking I don’t even notice it at first. Then i go “hey, my eyes are closed but i can see my room!” :razz: But I’m usually to tired to do anything about it and fall asleep instead.

What do you think this is? Am i allready back in the dreamworld when i’m seeing this? Or is it only HI? My body feels so real in the bed so i doubt that i’m dreaming.

Is this something any of you experience too?

It would be awesome if i could just stand up and walk into a dream version of my room. I’ll try this the next time it happens!

I have had this HI a few times too, but never been able to start a dream from it yet. Our own bedroom is a very familiar view, and we probably remember the details of it subconsciously. I have read about blind people who imagine seeing just like this…but ‘see’ the room as it was before they got blind.

interesting! :smile:

okay, since it’s probably only HI i guess it’s best to lay still trying to remain awake? Not standing up and doing RC? But how do i know when it’s gone long enough and the HI of my room has turned into an actual dream?

I’ve never woken up and seen through my eyelids, but I did that in a ND a couple days ago. In the dream I was meditating with a bunch of people and I just focused until I started seeing the room around me through my eyelids and then I just stepped out of my body. I ran around the room for a bit and then dove back into my body when the meditation was about to end. Hard to believe I did all that without realizing I was dreaming!

I get that a lot during sleep paralysis. Since I can neither move or enter a dream when consciously experiencing sleep paralysis (even though other people have managed,) I’ve learned that means I mentally made a wrong turn somewhere in the WILD process. :tongue: