Seeing with eyes closed.

Most likely this thread has already been made so sorry…

but last night I was on the verge of sleep, had a few myoclonic jerks, and my third eye opened.

instead of colors and whatnot… I saw reality.

so I was like ohhh my eyes must be open…

but my eyes were closed, when i opened them the third eye kind of “closed”

and what i saw was somewhat different from what I saw with the third eye, but still relatively the same.

this happened again, and it was much more profound and pretty scary actually… so i opened my eyes again, then closed them and looked at the third eye, and all sorts of semi-vivid but kind of “dark” and “lifeless” images were coming up.

has anyone here opened their third eye and had this happen ?

oh and I did RCs and wasn’t dreaming.

This happened to be a few times trying WILD, but I can’t say it’s using some chakras over regular dream sight (as attractive as that sounds)

Most of the times I fell for it too, thinking my real eyes are open and I’m awake. Without my contacts though, the ceiling texture is blurry, but through this it was quite clear.

we always interpret our sensory information to create perception in real life, and when the senses get some sort of noise, its possible to interpret it as something, such as ‘flyers’ ‘negs’ and so on

Never happen to me but id be very very interested to know how to do such trick.

did you notice anything different during the day?
try testing it with someone, like they showing up a number of fingers and you seeing what you see with your third eye!
I was once researching about ESP and read a report of someone after post-hypnotic suggestions having seen through a wall. That should be pretty amazing… It’s probably possible to induce it to yourself with LD’ing.

Here is another trick to try whilst awake.

Get a Daisy and tell someone to put it into one of their hands without showing you.

Hold their hands up to your face and then close your eyes. Scrunch your eyes up for a second, and then relax.

After a while you might see a green dot. Wait for it to settle, and then choose the hand that is on the same side of you as the eye you saw the dot in.

Try this a few times.

I have experienced seeing with my eyes closed whenever I was leaving or coming back into my body from an AP or OBE.

It took me awhile to realize it was my third eye that I was seeing through. :wink:

Oops the AP shortcut did not work. AP meaning astral projection or astral trip.

i’m not saying i didn’t “dream” the imagery up, i’m just saying it was happening while still “awake”, as I could touch my eyes, open them, then RC.

For me when I’m in a real deep state, I will focus on the base of my spine or the tip of my nose, doing this causes huge spasms of energy after a while if you focus on raising energy into the nose tip or spine tip…

then the trick is to catch yourself mid-spasm and direct where you want the energy, if you can do it fast and focused enough it won’t be intense or scary or painful, and you won’t convulse …

so anyway i did that and directed it at my eyes/third eye, and then my regular eyes started twitching real bad, but a third eye in between the two twitched alongside of them, then i felt it opening like how you’d feel your real eyes open.

It happens to me when i have a SP, i can see my room but it’s only when i come out from the paralysis that i realize my eyes were closed…

But i never thought of it as my third eye or anything, i believe it is just some HI…

i did this again just now it was so weird

you feel your eyes are open or are opening and you see something contrary to your reality.

but it’s not like you move into a dream, because you are still isolated in body, it’s like you actually move INTO this location… and you are opening your eyes up in it there…

it’s real odd!

i also sort of opened my chakras…

I am highly sceptical of the third eye.
I believe it is a myth, a story used to
explain something of an unexplainable
As you were nearing sleep, is it possible what you saw was nothing more then HI.

The eye of any human joe or josaphine can see light on the scale of about 300nm to 400nm.
However, in rare cases (such as tetrachromats) that scale is extended either higher or lower so in the full spectrum humans (as a whole) have the capability of seeing anywhere from 200nm to almost 800nm in select population (mostly females).
With this broad range branching beyond so called visable light, we reach wavelengths that can pass through things as trivial as eyelids (the thinnest skin on the human body) with great ease, this may lead to the ability to “see” whilst your eyes are closed, or so called physcic xray vision.
there have been numerous projects researching peoples abilities to see light on the infared scale conducted by the united states army as well as a handful of medical institutes and universities.
I believe that the “third eye” is just another way of explaining this, and as light on either the ultraviolet or infared wavelengths is not normally registered or noticed due to the overwhelming input of “visible” light, when those wavelengths are blocked out, (such as in the dark, or when you have your eyes closed ) what you see is an unfamiliar spectrum that the brain neither knows how to fully procces nor understand.

C’est la Vie

Hmmm, indeed very interesting. Whenever I experience SP I’m seeing something, but I was never sure if it was real (my eyes really open) or imaginary. Most of the time I see the view of my room and all seems fine. The last WILD I had from SP I tried looking at the clock to time myself and it was shaking all over the place and blurry. :confused:

I have had the “third eye” experience before too, but I am unable to explain it myself. My cat was napping against my leg and when I “saw,” she was in a different position. I thought I had indeed opened my eyes, thought it was weird since I was napping, why would I just open my eyes? so I immediately opened them and discovered her in the same position as before (not as I’d seen with the third eye). I have no explanation, only experience. :sad:

I’ve just dug up my first ever post at LD4all (on the old forum) it was titled “Seeing through eye lids” I’ve pasted it below.

Hy I’ve got a post on the 1st page about this (newbie sees through eye lids) as I do the same.

Personally I think its critical to the OB’s are just in the mind debate.

When I saw my room it was “exactly” the same as reality (but felt more real for some reason) all the objects had their own slight glow and the light in the room was like a goldy sunny day rather than weak spring light.

I opened my eyes after moving my head (well I thought thats what I was doing) to see other parts of the room, I felt my eye lids blink open twice and my vision went blank and returned in a second (I didn’t wake up, I was awake all the time).

Don’t know what it was but since that and a few other times seeing like that I’ve had a lucid dream which was a great buzz but nothing in conparision to the mirror of reality that was lookind through closed eyes.


Experiences where people claim to “see” (partly) with their 3rd eye can probably often be explained by what sisokogotai wrote (being able to see other wavelengths), or by the fact that this often happens during bedtime (hence it could be fake, “you’re merely dreaming”). However this does not mean that there is no such thing as a 3rd eye chakra and that it cannot be used for “seeing”. It merely means that many people have read about it and want to explain their personal experiences with it, while in fact only small percentage of people really had experiences that had anything to do with the 3rd eye. Perhaps you could call it a kind of fast-food spiritual hype.

That said, it is possible to perceive information through other means then the usual 5 senses, and using the 3rd eye is one of them. It does not involve seeing in the normal sense of the word, it is more like sensing (often of emotion), or making a connection to someone, and then translating this information into visual images.