Seizures question

My brother has some kind of seizures. They are abnormal. His chart showed that instead of being conecntrated on one part, his entire brain lights up with waves of electricity.

During the seizuers, When he is awake, he just sits there and is totally out of it. He kinda clicks his teeth, but talking to him is useless. Then he falls asleep for half an hour.

When he is sleeping on the other hand, he wakes up and starts crying uncontrollably, running around the house and babbling to us, some strange disjointed words. He looks awake but he isnt himself and you cant get thru to him, he just runs around, crying and grabbing us. Then he calms down and goes into the state mentioned above.

Is he dreaming while walking? If so, how does he see us and his environment. He seems to see something else besides us too.

After its all done, he cant remember a thing what went on. What does he see during those seizures and the semi-seizures above? this is his chart basically:

1 //////////
2 //////////
3 //////////
4 //////////
5 //////////
6 //////////
7 //////////

Intense readings on ALLL the electrodes and then normal

Sorry for the long post.


Um where did you get those charts? And, isn’t it just a form of epilepsy (with “generalized” seizures instead of just in one part of the brain)? Hope your brother sees a doctor?!?

Dont worry BH and thanks for the conern. It is a form of epilepsy (we think) and yes we are currently seeing a doctor. How do you think we got the charts. =D

He is scheduled for a 24 hour eeg this monday.

Im just curious to know if anyone knows what he is seeing since he doesnt remember himself.


Hey Crowe,

When someone has a epeleptic (or equivalent) attack, the brain turns into a one way traffic machine. It can see and hear (etc.) its evoirment, but the other way around isn’t possible. the surrounding people don’t get through, it is supressed of instantly forgotten.

On the other hand your brother might pick up and remember everything in a subliminal way. What means that he sees and hears all things, stores it into his memory but it does’t cross his conciouss “treshold”. So he isn’t aware of it happening.



Thanks for the heads up thor.

We have the option of giving him medicine on which he will be dependant for life.

Are there any other known treatments or alternatives?


Well EEG-machines could be a hype in your country, who knows :tongue: There are even countries where stores sell purple ketchup, go figure :wow:

Anyway, quite a relief you’re seeing a doctor and I wish the best for your brother.

Hey Crowe,

You shouldn’t ask me, I am not a psysch. You might concider a more spiritual treatment before putting him on chemical medicine for life!



Maybe you can go with your inner feeling. If it’s me, I’d rather to try find something other than being on medicine for rest of his life, but… I’m no doctor and meditation can actually help him to improve his life.

It’s completely up to you. I’m sorry to hear about that by the way. I wish him the best luck of all.

Lieve dromen (sweet dreams!) :wiske:

Thanks guys :content: