There’s this book called Instant Self-Hypnosis: How to Hypnotize Yourself with Your Eyes Open, it has a hypnosis script for lucid dreaming (saw the table of contents in the preview). Has anyone tried this and if so does it work?

I have never read the book (but don’t know how to do it with your eyes open :tongue: ) but have had experiences with self hypnosis working to help me out with all kinds of problems and once i actually got rid of a dry spell from dream recal and i use it once a week so yea self hypnosis works for me and many others probably something worth looking into in my opion

Sorry about not using commas and periods, I am using my phone to reply right now

So self-hypnosis helps with lucid dreaming?

It might help, it’s certainly worth a try. In the end it’s going to end up being a form of autosuggestion. Some people react better to hypnosis, especially if they truly believe it will work. You can’t force a lucid dream, but suggestions like this can help.