Self-inflicted pain....

I’ve never had a real lucid dream before, I usually just realize I’m dreaming and then wake up without getting lucid, so I have little to no experience in the “lucid dream world”.

But anyway, I was wondering what happens in a lucid dream if you intentionally harm yourself. Suppose you were to stab your arm with an extremely sharp dream knife… would you feel an incredible pain? Would you feel whatever degree of pain it is that your mind thinks the knife should inflict?

What if you were to commit suicide in the lucid dream?

I don’t know how much I would play around with hurting myself in a lucid dream, but the thought of this intrigues me. :wink:

if you would have taken the time to look at my journal… you would have read the post where I told my friend to beat me up and I felt no pain at all. I wanted to though. Oh but there is this one dream where I sprayed 409 into my face… that burned… but I was not lucid until the end of it. I guess if you concentrate, you can change the amount of pain you receive.

In my LDs, pain is always converted into a lesser sensation of contact. For example, getting shot feels like someone poking you reasonably hard with their finger.

I’m curious as to why I never seem to experience any actual pain in dreams. Even when it convincingly seems like a serious wound was inflicted, there’s always the same discomfort that never exceeds slight irritation. After all, objects ultimately feel real in a high-level LD, and aren’t all tactile sensations (regardless of intensity) perceived on the same scale? I mean, it’s just the one sense in affect.

Oh well, DCs act as if they’re experiencing a realistic level of pain. :devil:


Leave me alone.

ROFL! :happy:

Hey now, you say that as if I’ve disrespected your work…


hehe that impression crossed my mind when I clicked “Submit” but uh I didn’t think anyone else would think anything of it. Sorry if I don’t choose my words correctly. What I think I meant to say is:

I had this one dream where I never felt any pain. This post is also included in my LD journal.

There. Although I’d recommend Atheist’s journal as a good read unless you like little children :angel: and dislike homocidal maniacs :crazy:

heh heh heh sweet dreams (Atheist’s) little pretties :biggrin:

You know I really wish you’d include parts of “graphic violence” in your entries, Atheist. Just put a warning before.

To be honest, infection, that’s one of the reasons I don’t update it these days. I just didn’t feel that the other members of this forum would appreciate the somewhat striking content. Besides, as you know, warning labels have a tendency to attract considerably more interest than the material otherwise might have, had it been presented more casually.

That said, I’ve been meaning to compile a more graphic collection of sadistic dream experiences – if for no other purpose than my own satisfaction. Maybe I’ll periodically upload it somewhere.

i’m with atheist, i usually don’t feel any thing more than mild discomfort in my dreams