Semi-lucid dream?

Last night, without even trying (haven’t done anything on this site yet, and I haven’t remembered a single dream in months) I think I had a semi-lucid dream. I couldn’t control my surroundings, and I didn’t know I was dreaming, but I did have complete control over myself. I remember being in a particular building (my school, and a new extension of sorts to it) and I could walk around, do whatever I wanted, have specific thoughts, talk to people, and could even teleport all over the large building. It’d be really cool if I could do something like that again, so if anyone has any suggestions, could you please tell me? I don’t know whether or not to start off with the journal or whatever since I got pretty far without doing anything, and I wanted to know if there’s any specific thing I could do to experience one again.


Definitely keep a dream journal those help more than you can imagine, and just think about what you want to dream about while you’re going to sleep, if you want to have control or be lucid or whatnot. i read today that it could take a few days for the dream of your choice to occur, so give it some time.

Yeah, dream control is very different to being lucid. They’re generally related (one generally leads to the other), but not always. Reality checks are the most practical thing you can do without messing up your sleep patterns or anything. Anyway, good luck with your lucid dreaming, and uh, yeah. Bye.