Send me some Lucid luck.....

odd title i know. Basically tomorrow morning i will be getting up damn early for a Job Interview, soooo i can use all the help i can get. :help:

Good luck Dark Matter! You will do a very fine job. Just relax and don’t freak out. :gni: Just make sure you handshake firmly and look good on your job interview ok? :happy:

Lucid luck to you! :wink:

interviewer: Hi, please take a seat.
Me: stares at hands
Interviewer: Are you ok?
Me: sorry i’m just doing a reality check
Interviewer: hmm…

Instead of “hmm…” he might reply “oh so you’re also into LDing?? How nice! Me too!! Do you perhaps know the excellent LD4all forum on the internet??? I’m a regular visitor there…” etc… See? No reason at all to be nervous or anything :tongue:
Still, I wish you all the luck you might need!

Would be funny if someday you are in the bus or something, doing a RC, and the person next to you realizes what you are doing and starts talking about lucid dreaming.
Or the other way round, what would you think if someone first stares at his hand for some time, then plugs his nose and tries to breath, and suddenly looks at his clock two times in a row? :wink:

Anyways, good luck DarkMatter


That would be too weird if the interviewer was somebody giving you luck on this forum :cool_laugh:

Good luck! I’m sure you’ll do fine!

May my light shine upon thee and bring thee luck to the utmost importance.

Should my interviewer be here - the job is at Kershaws gimmie gimmie gimmie.


eek. 11am well almost. 15mins till i get ready, 17mintues till i set off. 30mins before till the actual interview time, and hopefully 45mins till i can go back to bed :happy:

I look at my watch three times usually…

Good Luck DarkMatter!

Well i am back now. It appeared to go quite well i will find out weds/thurs.

The strangest thing occured though, i went through this place to the back into like a greenhouse for the interview lol but weirder still is that i sware i have been there before :meh: maybe i dreamt it? Wouldn’t be the first time lol…


checks hands