Senses in HI

I had some rather unusual HI last night. I was very tired when I went to bed, and got some HI almost instantly. This time i couldn’t only see it, i could feel it too. :eek: I could have easily wilded, I think, if the scene hadn’t been so disturbing. Instead I ended up wide awake. :tongue:

Has anybody else had hypnagogic experiences like this?

Yeah, that’s what it feels like for me when I’m really tired and laying down for a nap. Usually I can just stay aware, enjoy the visuals until they turn into complex images, and eventually a lucid dream. But it feels weird sometimes… I don’t know if that’s totally the same as what you felt or not.

That happens to me too :cool: But this time it was clearly sexual and I could feel everything!

I dont usually have tactile sensation before SP state…
But what was this disturbing scene you talked about? Care to share it with us? :smile:

It involved an attractive, but married man and his hands. :eek: It would be tempting to let it become a lucid dream, but part of me didnt even want to dreeam about that, so i wake up :tongue:

:rofl: :lol:

Isn’t it HH when it include touch as well?

Touch hypnagogic hallucinations ? Rather weird ! Seems to be possible, of course, but I never heard about that ! :eek:

I have it all the time during SP. Tactile sensations seems more common than visual or audible ones for me.