Is it true that all you’re senses are usable or in a lucid dream? including Smell and taste? Or is it just mainly touch, see and hear?

Yes, it’s true. All senses are usable in a LD, including smell, taste.

You could eventually get them all. So far I have only got seeing and hearing, which is the usual. I have also got touch the second time. The first time I didn’t. It just takes practice.

your senses are usable in normal sleep as well, it’s just that some of them aren’t used often…i read that smell and taste only appears in about 2% of the (normal) dreams—so it’s probably also harder in lucid dreams, but definitely possible

yep, taste works alright, I’ve had a few significant eating dreams, including a fear factor where I had to eat pasta ( :tongue: ) :eek: It tasted great!

Another one, me and a friend brought snacks along to a party, they were those chewy quaker bars. I had a nice chocolate and marshmallow flavored one :wink:

I think I’ve experienced all senses and the lack of every sense in dreams. :cool:

I’ve touched the concrete.

I’ve tasted lemon candy.

I’ve smelled flowers.

I’ve heard birds singing.

I’ve seen everything and nothing.

Pretty sweet. ^^

Same wolf, all senses are definitley usage achivable in any dream.