Sensing my physical body as soon as I start a LD

Last night I had another very short lucid dream, bringing the count up to 6. But there’s a problem I’ve had in all but one of my LDs.

As soon as I become aware of the fact that I’m dreaming, I will start to feel my physical body lying on the bed, and the dream will start to fade. Soon it just feels like I’m controlling a character moving around instead of being in first person view, and then I’m fully aware of being in my bed and I’m just imagining the dream.

So has anyone else experienced this? What should I do if this happens, and how do. I prevent it from happening?

My guess is that you have similar situation as I did.

My guess is and don’t get me wrong is that your believe created that situation. For some reason you started to feel(believe) that you feel your waking body once you enter the dream world and it’s normal to end the dream and be awake, because brain needs to do that to prevent possible negative outcomes.

What I did was similar. Once when I found myself in a lucid dream immediately a thought would pop up in my mind: “nice I’m in a dream but I’m gonna wake up now anyways.” and I did wake up because to the brain this wasn’t a question or a simple statement in was a command, command to wake up. I guess you sent the same message to the brain by believing that you feel your waking body.

What I did is I wasted a few more lucid dreams just to train myself not to think that upon waking in a dream and it worked. After few dreams I didn’t have this thought in my mind but it takes focus and determination, also meditation helps. In meditation you can bring yourself to the point where you were lucid before and see the outcome, the different outcome, the wanted outcome…

Like I said, don’t get me wrong, these are just guesses! Good luck! :content: