Sentient and enlightenment

Senient, I just wondered what this means. What does it mean? :smile:

I know maybe, It’s simple, Enlightenment is something that if you chase it you will never catch, but if you stop and just wait, it will come to you. :eh: I could be completely wrong, but that’s how it made sense to me.

To pursue something means you acknowledge you lack it, enlightment is a form of completeness, you can only evolve into it from being complete in selfknowledge.

Thats my view on it


Thanks. I wanted to see how people inter[erreted it. Thanks again.

My guess is that he means that you can’t try or work to attain it. It’s something that can’t be sought after. If it is meant to be, it all works out naturally without much thought from the mind. I’m not positive though. I know he doesn’t log on much so when I ask him (he’s my friend) on Monday or so, I’ll post what he means.

Hey yeah sorry for the late reply i never go to the ‘Lucid Lounge’ and when i finally saw it for the first time lo and behold all these interesting topics!

Well, yeah you all got it right on the dot. I in my life have pursued enlightenment through a large variety of ways, from observance to meditation to religious practice to creating my own philosophy (what i called ‘doctrines’) from scratch…all the while never really attaining it or just getting brief glimpses of bliss. I found that the more i pursued it, the farther it seemed to be. Now that ive kind of just said ‘ah well’ and am content that i did not acquire it, it seems like im getting there, swept along by a once-sleeping force, and i cannot help but smile at the irony. I know that i am a lot more content than i was in the past. My personal belief is that we are all enlightened, we just dont know it, dont remember it. Enlightenment can be attributed to be a light that is covered by the shell of ego (negativity). There you can tell i believe it can only be found within. If you were to ask me to define enlightenment, i would say it is a form of completedness, as well as a sort of humbleness, or realization that one is not great, one is not higher or lower, but that one is equal with all things, be it a person, an animal, a plant, a rock, anything in this world. All distinctions are illusions. I dont really think it can be described in words…oh i just remembered something that i really believe is that words are nothing but signposts, and that one must not confuse the signposts to what they point to. Truth can only be gleaned through personal observation of the truth within. Anyways yeah i hope that clears things up (or not) either way, cool. :smile:

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thanks B for showing me this thread, and all the cool topics in lucid lounge :cool_laugh:

just today I finished reading a short book on zen, and this passage was interesting: