Separated repetitive worlds in dreams

Good afternoon everyone!

I’ve recently started practicing conscious dreams again, but this topic isn’t really about them. To refresh my memory a bit, I decided to reread my old dream diaries, and I remembered an interesting thing that didn’t end up being developed, but seemed interesting and intriguing. There were no people around me at the time who were interested in it, and so any thinking and elaboration was pretty much abandoned.

So, at that time, while walking, I mentally noticed one unusual feature of my dreams. Some of them seemed to form separate worlds out of themselves, and I’d like to explain what that means. These worlds were not just different locations or biomes, but had their own levels of development of dream characters (that is, in dreams of one world, characters could be much more intelligent and talkative than characters of the second), a set of characteristic sensations, vividness of what was happening. They also had their own number of false memories.

In the end, I identified a few of these worlds, described them briefly, and likewise, made a graph that expressed the supposed connection between them. I could elaborate on this a bit more if anyone is interested, but right now I’m just madly curious if anyone has noticed a similar division into recurring worlds in their dreams? It would be great to finally discuss this with someone after all these years! :slight_smile:

Perhaps this sort of thing has been discovered before, but my efforts to find a similar topic have been unsuccessful, so feel free to redirect me to it in case.

(Also, forgive me my English, it’s not my native language and I use a translator).

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A lot of that rings true reading through it. There are dreams I have where all the people and characters in it have either more or less energy, personality, candidness etc. based on that particular dream or world. That is really cool that you had a period of time where you were just journaling without too much outside influence.

I have also had recurring dreams in the past. Though I can’t recall any recently. It seemed like I had the most recurring dreams when I was young, and less as I got older. But more to your question: yes there is definitely something to what you are talking about. It is hard to pin down cause it’s not always journaled and documented. I used to keep a lot of my old journals and I started out a lot like you, but over nearly 20 years they just don’t survive that long.

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It’s wonderful to hear that someone is having at least a close call! Maybe you could point out some interesting patterns in the kind of dreams you have? I’m totally failing at that, by the way. Also, now I don’t feel the separation of dreams as much as I used to, it’s like they’ve become one, and I guess that’s a good thing? However, I’m already a bit deep into my memories, so I’ll describe what it was like in a bit more detail.

I remember that there were three main worlds that I spent the most time in. The first was like a kind of reflection of my memory. Events, characters, places, everything tried to mimic reality, but at the same time, it was more like a cheap production. The people there were almost always silent, or said meaningless things. It would be an understatement to say that I disliked such dreams for their sparseness.

In the second world, things were a bit different. It still showed parallels to my life, but very distant ones. Imagine a city built entirely of rusted sheet metal, littered concrete, and old boards. It was bleak, and bleaker than that were only the inhabitants of this world. They were often mutilated, or represented by a strange amalgamation of flesh. They were just as silent, however, at times there were very strange figures among them, who interacted with me very actively and willingly. Such people were always purer, and had a style all their own. This world was dark, but interesting.

The third one was my favorite of all. In it, all my memories were replaced with something completely new, appropriate for this world. Settlements in deserts, invariably full of interesting people and objects with their own stories. I loved just being there, even when events didn’t unfold in my favor. Those dreams were always more vivid than others.

Well, maybe they were just busy coincidences that became more stable when I noticed them. In general, in this hierarchy, there’s this inverse correlation between the vividness of events and how aware I am of myself. It’s all the more funny because in realized dreams all the characters in my dreams become very passive.