September 11th....

9/11 was a very strange time for everyone. It was a powerfull moment, and the season was changing from summer to fall, and fall to me is a very spiritual season, so it made it that much more intence, and beautyfull. I dont mean the attacts were bueatyfull, I just mean the moments were. Ill never forget how I felt or where I was when I first heard the terribale news. Lets go back in time, and remmber…Where were you, and how did you feel when hearing the news?

Well i was in School but i saw the images when i got home from school. When i heard and saw the visuals i was kind of stunned, it was like unexpected and shocking.

Heard about it at school aswell. The teacher was very quiet and seriousness about it, but all of the kids didn’t get what was the big deal, life went on for the rest of the day as normal as any other. Then we all went home and saw the news and the actual damage it had done and what it might mean… Everyone was really solemn. I think I understand what you mean about some of the moments being spiritual or beautiful though, and I agree, tragedy can invoke some otherwise rarely seen sides of people…

I was running late for work… my car wouldn’t start (usually starts straight away!!Engine wouldn’t even turn over!!) so I had to use my brothers car. My car doesn’t have a car radio (it was broken!)so when I started out that morning I could listen to the car radio … and thats when I heard the news. I was really sad because initial reports said that 20,000 people had died! I was getting updates all the time… even heard them say that they think the US shot downn one of the airliners… of course this was never reported again!

When I got home… my car started first time when I turned the ignition!! :eek:

…Yae I think it took us “home”, and what I mean is that home isnt really where you live, its where you feel warm. Home can be anything you hold close to your heart, it could be famly, or just the simpale feeling of getting warm when your cold on a winters night which to me is the best feeling in the world remmber the music that came into my life around the time of 9/11. It was like a sound track for that time, and it really inhanced the emotion that I felt.

I always tried to avoid that question of “where were you at 9-11?” as much as possible… Due to an extraordinary string of coincidences, that day marked the blackest day in my life because it was the negative climax of a few terrible months, even years, and together that day was the absolute turning point in my life, although I only realized this a year later. The fact that the attacks happened on that same day played a big role in the story of that day, although I only heard about it later on. At some point, due to a strange twist of thoughts (partially due to messages from a friend :smile: ) I suddenly decided to go to a cybercafe in the middle of Brussels. There I read about the WTC attacks and such… I didn’t feel anything really, because at that moment it didn’t matter anymore… But still, how strange as it may sound, the fact that the 9-11 attacks kept me a little longer in that cybercafe, eventually lead to another weird string of events which eventually made me into what I am today. I don’t want to go into detail, but if it wasn’t for that visit in that cybercafe at that moment, I wouldn’t be here typing this post. It keeps me wondering and pondering until this day, and probably for the rest of my life…

I was into my first few weeks at college, in my room which looked downtown towards the towers. I was awoken by my mom who called to tell me a plane crashed into one of the twin towers, my first thought was it was intentional. After we hung up I was staring out the window when I saw a plane fly near the towers. As soon as I saw the plane, I knew what was about to happen. It didn’t seem real, it was one of the few moments in my life up to that point which seemed like a dream, and now after having lucid dreams I can say it was the same dreamlike feeling. Kids came into our room to see what happened. We were all watching when my roommate said “they are going to fall” and soon after they did. I didn’t even think of the possibility. The feeling I got that day is like nothing else, the few weeks after were very odd in New York. So much fear and love at the same time.

It was my day off from work,I wake up and turn on the TV right in time to see the 2nd plane hit.
The rest of the day is kinda blurry to me.
That was the single most scary thing I will ever see.

A friend of mine had told me in the hall about it; but the rest of the school didn’t get wind of it until a couple hours later (well, I can’t really remember, seemed like it). Then I went home and I watched a lot of news I think. I’m still kind of numb about it. I guess my attention has been shifted since the war and all of the deaths every single day.

i was in school sleeping in class and was awoken by the news but didnt care (a mistake at the time)I ididnt rewalize the full effect until i arrived home and everyone else was sad about wut had happened then i saw it and at first it looked liek an accident then the second plane hit and i was struck with a fear sadness and anger.

i remember being in school - Social Studies in fact. We were studying something, and then a teacher walked in and told our teacher to turn on the Television. From there on out, for the rest of the school day, that’s all we watched in all our classes. When I got home, thats what we watched again, awaiting to see if any further disasters would take place. I also remember them putting the Empire States building on high alert for possible terrorist activity.

I was shocked at the time, I really felt the fear that was in the air after 9/11 and I live in the UK.

However, it was a different kind of shock to the kind I experienced recently when, after reading about the 9/11 Truth movement, I found out that what actually happened on that day was very different to how it has been potrayed in the mainstream media…

My parrents called me and told me, they seemed very serious about it, but I thought that they are always serious about things so I didnt take it seriously untill I saw it in the news on TV …
How I felt? Very very confused, I just had no idea what was going on and why…

I was In school, and they didnt tell us what had happened, just a message on the PA saying that we should be thankful for the men and women that had died for us. I was confused and thought it was out of place. When I got home I flipped the TV on which was on CNN at the time and i saw the Twin Towers in smoke, then I saw them fall.

Before September 11th I’d been going through a breakdown which lasted a month. It was a viscious circle of physical anxiety symptoms causing me to worry which made things a lot worse. I lost interest in things, hardly went out the house and couldn’t sleep. It’s the worst thing I’ve ever gone through.

I was feeling a bit stronger by the second week of September. On the 11th I was at home by myself while my parents took my Nan out shopping. I switched on the tv and saw what I assumed was a movie stunt but carried on listening. It took a while to sink in just how serious the situation was and then I just felt shocked and sad for the people involved. I started thinking that the attacks might continue all over the world.

Strangely it did have a possitive effect on me as it distracted my mind from all the inward thinking I’d been doing. I quickly started to feel much better physically and mentally.

I was at work. We were all getting ready to go to a conference. We were all sitting in the lounge area watching everything on TV. There was a flurry of calls to friends and loved ones. Some were talking about skipping the conference. The sponsors themselves were talking about cancelling the conference. In the end we decided to go. We were determined not to let them win. The conference would go on, and it did. Nearly ½ our speakers were trapped in NYC but our creativity and ingenuity prevailed and we had a good conference. It was like one big support group.

i was watching some dan rather … moments special… talking about his various news stories… and when they showed 9/11 footage i started choking back tears… i’m surprised at how much … that stuff can still affect me…

it may have had something to do with this → :tulip:

but you know, politics aside, it was a horrible event, i wish these things would never happen, not to us, not to the people that did it to us… whoever they may be…

it’s also horrible that i haven’t shed one tear over the tsunami victims or the spain train bombing victims… what the hell is wrong with me/us… well… we’re winning the war on terror, nothing bad has happened.

No, they just bombed Spain…

Oh yeah… well I meant, no terrorism in America.

I personally would really love to hear this story.

As for me… I always watched the ABC morning news when I got up first, but on that morning my brother got up earlier than me, and he was watching some cartoons.

Well, I think I may have had drivers ed, all I know is if I hadn’t, I would have been right then and there, watching the news right as it happened. I’m kind of sad that I didn’t, because it would have been so exciting and capitivating to witness it, and horrifying… I don’t know… that’s kind of morbid of me, but… at any rate, I heard about it in band in my first class… I laughed out loud, because the way my friends told me, I thought some idiot pilot somehow managed to accidentally hit the world trade center… and I didn’t think much of it or comprehend the consequences of it.

Well we went out and marched, and then a girl came out and told us another plane hit… and that’s when something stirred in me, in all of us… my teacher said something… I jsut forgot what it was… something like “this sound serious, we’d better go look” and we went in and watched the news.

and I think this was right when the first tower collapsed, as soon as we got to the tv… and… you know, it was like… it was hard to believe… then they showed footage of the second plane hitting… and… that was just… that was too much… it scared the s h ! t out of me… one girl (Megan, if you read my dream journals) yelled out cool, and I felt like turning around and beating her face in, half the room lashed out at her…

well… it was hard not to cry, but i didn’t… and i spent the rest of the day with typical anxiety feelings relating to such shocking events… i cried i guess, briefly, and often, watching the news, seeing the survivors, hearing stories…

it was scary … you know… i thought that there was a legitimate risk of the world coming to an end, of wave after wave after wave after wave of attack…

and i really don’t understand why there wasn’t, why if there really are tons of terrorists, why they didn’t just go out that night, and cause all sorts of unrest, shoot people, blow up stores, etc… but… it was something else.

Just becasue I hate the government doesn’t mean I endorse terrorism, and people that think that way really piss me off.