Serious inquiry on portals

Im not gonna lie this site seems hella cheesy but I hope there is at least one good mind in the practice Ive been seemingly all my life been attracted to this portal that I encounter. This portal is like a DMT portal only its dark uninviting and gives me such terror like ive never felt before.Now I dont know how I come to this portal but everytime I encounter this my “body mind” says YES! lets go! im ready to give it another go! So i enter and im Immediately sucked into this Dark portal traveling at speeds undefinable to man. The overall feeling of my “body mind” is scared and i feel if i reach the end of the portal my soul wont be able to come back to “THIS” dimension but “something” is attracting me and each time I encounter this portal I build the confidence and go a little further and a little further. this time i went so far i encountered a portal within a portal but pulled back and immediatly woke up with mythic revelations.
this may or may not mean anything or have any significance. But the fact that I can control my thoughts in this dimension strikes my curiosity.
My thoughts: I dont “think” the portal has an :"ending"or a begninng for that matter its here to teach me what i do no know yet.
Your thoughts and experience on portals entering exiting dimensions etc

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hm welcome to ld4all.You might think its cheesy but i dont,xd.Might the portal things be HH?Or some sort of astral projection.Are you lucid in that state?

Hello! Your story is resonating very strong now with me. Very recently (yesterday) I finished a book called “Journeys out of the body”, in which Robert Monroe relate on his OBE practices.

In one chapter, he gives huge emphasis on the black hole, or the black portal, that he sees sometimes on the wall of his room after inducing OBE. For me, as you present it, I have the exact same image in mind than the one I had when I read Monroe’s story. He didn’t go through it the first times, by fear. But at some point, he gathered courage and went inside. He was propelled at incredible speed in straight line into infinite space. At one point, he was afraid not being able to come back to his body. He stopped, and came back, but it took the same amount of time as the time to arrive there. It was very strange because usually, coming back in the body for him was a matter of seconds with simple thought.

Your story is very similar, and if you encounter it often, I highly suspect that it is the same kind of portal that Robert Monroe saw. Also, in the later experiences with this portal, he found himself projected into a “parallel universe” where everything seemed to look like our normal physical world. But everything was not the same, the history was different, the technological progress were different, a lot of odd stuff that doesn’t exist in our world, etc… He said that it can really be a parallel history of humankind with other stories, things happening differently. It is fascinating !

Are you accustomed with OBE @atrapasuenos ?

I wish you good experience with the black hole and that you can get to some understanding. I personally never saw it, but I hope I will!

Mr. Palopoli your description of monroe’s experience is spot on. I had this experience in deep sleep and in a lucid dream like state for about as long as I can remember. i do have OBE but due to my previous ignorance I can only tell you that up untill now I brushed them off as " the oddities of life". but now im getting older the dreams becoming more vivid and I retain a good deal of memory afterwards. what resonates well with me is that mine an monroe’s experience we both recall this “attractor” “something” is pulling us towards it Ethnobotanist Terrence Mckenna speaks on a attractor “Terence McKenna” - The Strange Attractor
He goes on to state that we are being pulled by a point in the future. whether it be the future, past like future, another dimension etc matters not something is attracting our consciousness. One could say death is the attractor of life. what is it that requires the attention of our consciousness that continues to propel us forward through time space and mysticism?

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Thank you for introducing the Strange Attractor, I did not know about it before now, and it makes a lot of sense. I did study retro-causality and the symmetry of time through quantum physics, and this strange attractor seems to be completely part of these theories.

Maybe this black hole that you, M. Monroe and many other people sees in there altered states of consciousness experiences is the real “shape” at the energetic level of what can be translated in the physical stage as inspiration, drive toward passions, decision making (that is not so consciously willful as we think). Our Second Body (astral one) may take this Strange Attractor in order to know what is the path that fits the most in the now of our timely defined world. I come to some conclusions that all our encounters and decisions are very managed and control by this invisible force.

Thank you again for begining this topic, I feel my whole body vibrating now, as a symptom of total connection with the path my attractor want me to take ?

For those who want to here some wisdom from Terrence Mckenna, here is a good youtube video of an interview of him. I really liked it and it is a good introduction to the strange attractor I think :slight_smile:

i feel it too! I woke up this morning and read your reply it gave me goosebumps as well as affirmation that other people sense it too.

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