Serious motivation problems lately

It’s been about a month since I last felt any real motivation, and I’m starting to miss the excitement.
I don’t know why it is like this, but probably because I had a truly vivid and excellent lucid dream a month ago and felt content with it, or something.
Anyway, do you know any great ways to really feel that constant excitement again?

I’d love some help here too, if anyone has a good idea. I had a lucid moment in a nap the other day, but it wasn’t vivid enough for me to give it more than an hour’s thought. I coudl use some motivation for sure.

What did seem to work (for a short time, anyway) is to write down a single dream in as much or as little detail as I wanted every day. If I could convince myself to do that for long enough, I reasoned, I would eventually begin to see some progress. Perhaps not very fast progress, but maybe the right amount for me to put some more effort than that in. So you might try that out and see how it goes.

How is your DR? I find that focusing on my DJ helps, as sometimes I’ll remember some absurdly amazing ND’s and that helps motivate me a lot :smile:

Yes that an a lucid goal. It’s so important to have a goal. Think about it, if you don’t have a goal in waking life, where are you going. The same is with LD’s.

Have a goal. Plan out your lucid dream, just guidelines, it doesn’t have to be a whole dream… But have a goal, have something to strive… Remember you lucid experiences, remember you excitement, remember the joy!

Just think of all the great and impossible stuff you can do within a lucid dream, it always keeps me going

A goal sounds like a great idea. I’ve always been more focused on something with a specific thing to shoot for in mind. Thanks! We’ll see how this goes.

I feel you. I’ve been getting lucid every two days or so, but I don’t keep a DJ so I don’t remember anything.