Set intention

I was staying at a mate’s this weekend and I decided I would try to imagine a dream story in my head and see if I could enter a dream like this… I thought about my story but thats all it was, thought. I imagined it happening infront of me and after a while it evetually got more vivid and I became a part of this story and it moved along and had a plot. I was dreaming. not lucid unfortunatly though. When I woke up I was very pleased that I made myself have a dream which was exactly the one i wanted!

Only thing I’m wondering is… Since I can think about a dream and then dream it should I imagine becoming lucid in the dream as well? OR should I think about doing something in the dream which I really want to do when I’m lucid.

Set intention to have a lucid dream?
Or set intention to do the thing I want to do when lucid?
Which is best?

That depends if you want to have control over your dream or you just want to mindlessly go with the flow. If you get good enough at incubating this dream, you should be able to recognize that you’re dreaming whenever you start dreaming about it.

Pedro, that is a really great thing you accomplished. I’m 100% sure you can use this to become lucid.

You could encubate a dream where all the DCs tell you to do RCs, or maybe a RC competition or something. Or you could just encubate a dream where LDing is the main theme. It would increase your chance of becoming lucid a lot!

I’m interested in hearing the story you made up, it would provide a very good example of encubation for me and anyone else interested…

I know different methods work for different people and there isn’t a true super-method but I am positive that this one will work for me. All my LD’s haven’t come by this method though because I’ve only just tried this method once. It wasn’t really a story but I imagined meeting friends in a room and the room had a clock and that was about it… I was hoping that in the dream I’d do a RC when I see the clock and becoming lucid. Unfortunatly I didn’t.

All i thought about was me seeing the friends and the clock being on the wall, thats all. But after a while of thinking over and over about this I eventually decided to leave the room with my friends (I’d started dreaming obviously) and then I began an adventure which had nothing to do with what I was thinking about before sleeping! When I woke up I realised that I’d triggered this dream to start the way I wanted!


I know this method works for me now and that it will be the key to LDing at will except I didn’t know how I’d use it to become lucid! Your idea of people telling me to LD is great! I’ll put posters on the wall in my dream saying DO A RC!!! I’ll make sure everyone tells me too. Infact I might imagine that lots of people are gathered around me to watch me do an RC. When everyone has arrived I will do one and become lucid, I will try that tonight and tell you’s how it went 2moro!

My advice would be imagining the dream that you think will be easierst to turn into ld.Something that you think might sparkle lucidity for you.Easiest way to do so would be going through your dream signs-anyways…just think of something that in your opinion should shake you to the point of making reality check(or imagine the dream consisting of them:)
good luck

Well I can have any dream I want. I can have the exact setting I want in my dream with the exact people and objects and even the exact begginings of a story in my dream. I garantee I can choose my dream. I’ve just never tried putting an RC in there or using this to become lucid. Tonight Im gonna have an LD where someone asks me to do a RC.

I am SO POSITIVE I can LD at will now! 100%

I mean, how could this not work? I can dream whatever I want! Now I need to get control of the dream and thats going to be easy! I will lucid dream tonight and give you the results 2moro.

I know I can LD every night now so I will start my own bit in Dream Diary and it will hopefully be lucid every night then! That would be a good read I think! Talk to you’s 2moro!