Setting the alarm for dream journaling with partner

Hi, I used to go by the name of mugiwara around this site and used to be more active around 2009ish. I’ve always been interesting in LDing but I’ve had a bit of trouble remembering (2012-now) and that’s because I haven’t been able to keep a proper dream journal because I’m living with another person. When I lived alone I used to have an alarm ring 4 1/2 hours after falling asleep, then 6 hours and the 7 1/2 hours to write in my dream journal. Now I can’t do that because my partner needs to sleep. How do you guys do it? Any suggestions?

I know that situation, it’s annoying! Depends on how much of a light sleeper or how irritable your partner is, but can you set a vibrate-only phone alarm and just make a few word memo on your phone - I found that was enough to bring back enough of the dreams to make better notes in the morning. Or just sleep on the sofa a couple of nights a week :wink:

Well I used to wake naturally in the night … and creep to toilet with notepad and pen and write notes there so as not to disturb them.

Because I live in a rather large house, my alarms never disturb anyone. And most of the house is up by 0500 anyway. (this creates a great environment for me. everyone makes noise in the other end of the house so I hear the odd shout or bump. This helps keep me “in the zone” for LDs)

You could try what Ant suggested, I have found a few whatchs have a silent alarm in them, it is enough of a buzz to wake me up.

Lately I haven’t been writing in my DJ in the mornings. I did for a few months and was getting great recall, to the point where I was getting daily word counts in the thousands. I found this very helpful but I couldn’t make time for it. So began writing in the evenings when I have more time, and less memory of what happened.

You could try increasing your memory ability, I use a memory chain to link my recalls between my sleep cycles (I wake up after every cycle without an alarm). I then recall it all at once after I get up for the day . Learning some chaining methods may help.