Several 'almost LDs'

Yesterday I slept and woke up about 8 times, and about 6 times I have realised I was dreaming in a dream and woke up. Some of the times I woke up immediately but really really tired and gone back to sleep. Other times I think I just went on dreaming normally which is a change from the normal waking up.

Anyway I can catch on this sudden change? Hopefully this will be the big breakthrough I needed.

Hey, cool! congrats. :happy:

The other day I also had something like that… lots of tiny LD’s…
I hope it means we’re getting better!

I know this won’t help, but I’ve had the same problem. I finally realize Im dreaming, then everything starts to spin and I wake up… (Until my first one last night… Its detailed in my DJ on this forum)

In my dream last night, I just yelled, “Lucidity times 1000!”, and when that didnt work, I screamed “Lucidity times One Million!” and I got control.

Just keep trying!