Sex and Dream Recall

I read somewhere that masturbating can interfere with your dream recall. I was just wondering if anyone knows, does this extends to sex as well? I’m not in a position to be having any at the moment so I can’t experiment myself. I was just curious…

yes. from what I gather, sex interferes with recall or the length of REM in general… donno. but if i have too much sex, my whole dream world is getting smaller by the day.
obviously, each person has its own limitations but I think a general one would be.
start feeling a decrease in dreams when doing more than 3-4 times/week.
Feel undeniable change when performed daily.
When you go past that barrier, you really start killing your recall…
Sex - Dreams …
Tough call ^^

I’ve definitely noticed this…
But for me I’ve found that if I have sex right before sleeping then it usually interferes with recall, but if not then it doesnt really… but thats just my experience…
In fact, in my dream journal I always make a note if I had a sexual experience that night or not… but for more reasons than that :razz:

Its funny because I would imagine that engaging in activities like that before bed would more likely ensure clear, sweet dreaming :wink:

interesting topic though…

I reckon this counts the same for masturbation, right?


Excessive sex can also interfere with your nutrition. Causes you to produce a to maintain a lower level of the male hormone therefore making it harder for muscles to build and fat to burn. That’s for guys though, don’t know about girls.


I’d take all of this in a limited manner. Each person is very different than the other and one might be very bad for one, might very well be barely recognizable to the other.
I wouldn’t suggest avoiding sex because of fearing with anything it may cause.
If you avoid sex, do it for the benefits, not for avoiding the loss…

i dont think it does!
ok i dont have a DJ so i dont have any proof i im right or not
but when i have sex i tend to have dreams of the same lenght as normal.
it just makes it easier to get to after :razz:
anyway relV i dont believe in your statement.
since iv been having sex iv gained muscle, and i can eat as much as i like without getting fat!
ok iv put on a couple of stone but im still slim!
but it may just be me???

As I said… The most important thing to realize is that every person is different and NOT to take this TOO seriously. Its just a suggestion. I myself never ever avoid sex and I don’t experience problems regarding my weight. Nonetheless, after sex, the testosterone level is much lower causing the production of muscles and burn of fat and be slower and harder. But again, to each his own. And the cases you will actually feel those down sides are probably if you’ll have sex like 6 times a day. In that scenario, you probably will suffer worse mental conditions than physical ones.
The relation to dream recall is more affecting for me, but again, it’s not that critical and it depends on the individual and on the amount of sex you have.
Basically, don’t take any of my words as absolute truths. It changes with every person and if it doesn’t make you feel bad, it doesn’t matter what it does to another…
oh and :welcome: to LD4ll (since ive never seen you : ) )

Hehe, there was a very long topic about this sort of thing not long ago… some of the things were very interesting, one member even started an experiment…

I havent noticed any difference, neither have i for masturbation.

IDK. :hmmm:

The experiment got deleted - :lol:

i randomly remember dreams but i have manhandled myself in like 3 days but i remembered more of my dream the 3 days i havent chocked the chicken(masturbait) than when i do

I’ve heard it makes you sleep really deeply, which is probably why there aren’t many lucid dreams after it.

It’s a very weird topic,but the majority of times i see confusing dreams(Insane) and it’s like the “frames” have nothing to do with it’s other!But i seem to be in a semi-awake state which helps see more dreams!

So as someone said,it’s different for each person!