Sex while LD

I have only had 1 LD b/c i just started like last friday night… and it wasnt that long but what I was wondering if it was worth having sex in an LD…? Realistic??

:cool_laugh: Hell yea! :cool_laugh:

There’s your answer right there :wink:.

Also, you can experiment with more unrealistic stuff. Like sex whilst flying, or as the other gender.
Also, you can have sex with anyone (someone you know, someone you’ve seen on TV, some unreal - you’re dream girl :tongue:).

I did not think of sex whilst flying, I am good at flying in a LD, I will have to give it a shot…

Now isn’t that a coincidence – that’s exactly what I was doing last night
(well, I was flying – she was just hanging on). :devil:
And now that I think about It, she looked like a very attractive lady I saw on the bus earlier this week.
It was actually going rather well (it’s the first time I’ve tried sex in a lucid dream),
but I lost lucidity when I got distracted by attempting to change the local. :sad:
Even in my dreams I’m not an exhibitionist, and floating half-way from the atrium ceiling in a busy shopping mall just wasn’t my idea of a romantic setting. :roll:

Opposite gender sex. Mm Mm :cool_laugh:

Actually, that happens to me in NDs (since I rarely ever LD). Its very interesting, to say the least.

I hate you guys! :grrr: Everytime I have tried to have sex in a ld I wake up. I can do most anything else, but never get far at all with sex. It’s probably because I’m such a light sleeper. :eek:

Actually, I’m a very light sleeper, myself.

I find MILD keeps me awake, and WBTB + MILD generally means I’ll lose far more sleep than I can afford. So if I should happen to wakeup in the middle of the night, I’ll just make a few reminder notes for my dream journal, do about 3 minutes of MILD, roll over and hope to drop off as quickly as possible. So I wouldn’t worry about being a light sleeper.

i’ve yet to have sex in a ld. but i had sex with cameron diaz in a non ld the other night. felt very real.

sex is good in LDs :smile: I’ve had a few LDs where i uh…had relations with some pretty nice looking girls. You do wake up when you first try it alot because your body gets…how do i say this without being descriptive…oh well…your body gets horny and that kind of wakes you up and makes you return to RL. But once you can get used to it…it could be worth your while :smile:

That’s pretty much what I believe too.

The way is exactly the same like in real life.Firstly you just seem to “wake up”(heh) too soon,or have problems with taking someones clothes off,or the emotions interrupt well started encounter.
In time those problems get smaller- you go on longer and became better in all those small things thats been hard to overcome on the beginning.
good luck and i bless you all!:slight_smile: