I don’t get these very often, but every once in awhile I’ll be drifting off to sleep and maybe just getting into a dream when my body jolts. It’s like someone shoved me or something. The last time I had it was when we were coming back from a trip (yesterday) and I was laying down in the truck drifting off to sleep, then I just shook really hard and woke up. My sister asked why I did that, but I didn’t really know. Does anyone know what causes this? Would this affect lucid dreaming ?

well i had been thinking u must be just entering the sleepstate conscoiusly (check out the Big WILD topic), but u said ur sister saw you jolt? sounds like sumthin different. is it accompanied by hypnagogic imagery ( wut u get when u press ur fingers against ur eyelids) ?

I think thats normal… I’ve had it a couple of times. Do you have a falling sensation at the same time? I think I was told a proper name for it but I forgot :tongue: Dunno if it would affect LDing though?

I can’t remember if I had a hypnagogic imagery. And yeh I had a falling sensation, like I had been falling then I hit the ground and thats when I jolt

I am not sure what causes this experience, but i know it is quite normal and that many people experience this now and then… nothing to be worried about :smile:

ok I just saw a thread similar to this one (confused the hell out of me) and I think what I mean is what is mentioned in the 2nd post down.

I have the same problem every time I try to sleep on the back. When I begin to sleep, my body suddenly jolts and I wake up. I don’t know what causes this, but it’s very common.
In my own case, it affects lucid creaming, because when I’m awake, I cannot dream. :wink:

Last night my left leg jerked like this atleast 10 times because I was fighting agains falling asleep. I kept visualizing a golfball in front of me to stay focused. I have no idea where I got the idea for the ball but it worked, I kept doing this for about 40 minutes and my leg kept jolting. It was annoying at first but I sort of got used to it. And I was extremely close to falling asleep all the time, because I usually only get jolting thing when I have already falled asleep and then I wake up from the jolt.

/edit/ I forgot to write that I also had some sort of strange painless pain that was very intense right before the leg jolted :confused:

I think this only happens when you drift off just abit, and it usually happens in a car. When I used to fly alot it always used to happen on the plane. Same type of jerk as if you were dreaming you were falling, then you jerk awake.

happens every night when i try to wild

i don’t get it since i’m at least semi conscoius but i will get the thoughts morphing into images and voices, and if they get “intense” enough I will suddenly either imagine that I trip and fall, or I will just plain get a weird falling sensation and jerk uncontrollably.

it prevents me from WILDing.

it’s a lot like the feeling of OBE except you’re coming back into your body so to speak… and it’s more intense because you’re wide awake instead of in a trance, and it’s unexpected.

Yea, I find it pretty frightening because it just sort of happens without warning.

This happened to me last night when i tried to LD for the 1st time, but it was my hand that moved.

I think its called something like “Jerking Leg Syndrome” which plenty of people have that don’t WILD it’s just a reflex that stops us fromgetting to sleep. :content: