Shangri'la: Projection Realm

This is a topic made to explain my discovery of a plane of existence(The Shangri’la) that is achieved through a strict practice of the WBTB method of lucid dreaming, which I will from now on term as"projection."

Projection was frightening for me at first, though I don’t know if it will be the same for someone else. What I do know is that everyone will go through the same progression as I have and that it’s pretty important for me to make this post.

First thing to know is the strict projection technique: sleep for 5 hours, wake up for an hour(alarm clock,) and go back to sleep. It’s not as easy as simply going back to sleep though, because when you fall asleep and project; you actually seem to wake up physically(it’s the most vivid sort of LD I’ve ever experienced.) What guarantees projection is knowing that you are projecting. So making yourself know you’re going to be projecting is essential to catching that moment you seem to wake up in order to take control. Especially that you don’t choose to go back to sleep.

Ok, if you’re not too frightened for some reason (this is serious: if you do this exact you will learn to have a projection at will,) then we can go to the Shangri’la section. This is where someone gains access to the projection realm and begins to develop their dream world.

The Shangri’la

Made up of 20 levels, divided into 3 sections. As with 20 fingers and toes; we can listen, be, and speak (Pingala, Ida, and Sushumna for the equivocal physical representation). In the Shangri’la the 3 are represented by the Projection Realms, Titans (ie Greek Gods/Dracula/Cupid/Kong), and Vibening (like ripening with vibes: pronounced vi-ben, because all you have to have done is been there)

Level 1

Realm: Mystical

It’s as easy as that, when you project it is mystical. All I know is that the first time you enter the mystical realm you will fly(I have yet to complete the Shangri’la). It’s not picture perfect flying, remember Beverly Hills Ninja with Chris Farley? Well that Is progression in the Shangri’la. At first he’s flinging wildly all over the place and then he’s calmly flying under control. You simply don’t care to have control at first. It takes a lot of work to curb the amount of excitement fluxed in through projecting.

Titan: Apollo

I don’t remember Apollo, I started this all more than a decade ago and only recently began to put this all to words. I do remember other Titan experiences, which are projections marked by a sensed presence and immediately followed by Vibening. Maybe you, since I’m making this simple, can catch this Titan in the realm. All I know is Apollo spoke to me the most growing up and after thinking enough about my experiences projecting I now am fully prepared for what’s to come.

Viben: Knowledge that death is not the end

Of course, it’s basic, because you now can control a certain aspect of the Dreamworld, you also know you don’t end when you die. Make sense? You’re as aware dreaming as you are awake.

Level 2

Realm: Restore

Flinging and flopping at the speed of light and visiting planets and bungee jumping but hitting the ground. Dream world cheat codes for life, the new entertainment.

Titan: Kong

Don’t remember him either, only know it’s a monkey running this realm.

Viben: Haven

You now no longer are entertaining yourself how you used to. You have projection, life is for being real.

Level 3

Realm: Transylvania

A bit foggy memory, but maybe black and white, tall typical “Transylvania” like buildings, and over all a bit of a ego trip pushing you through.

Titan: Dracula

This is so far the most frightening Titan I’ve encountered. I projected, felt my Hart pounding, and then was yanked out of my bed and held there there till I couldn’t take it anymore. I willed it to stop, and I willed it so that I would no longer be frightened as such.

Viben: Leviathan

You actually feel like you are levitating instead of walking, when you’re awake.

Level 4

Realm: Dungeon

Once again can’t remember anything other than possibly feeling like I was trapped in my life and not getting enough out of projecting.

Titan: The Reaper

Dunno if this is universal but one projection I willed myself saying “I see everything”. Then I fell through the ground. Falling, it was pitch black with cloud like wisps somewhat enlightened. Then there was a ghost :ghost: like ghoul laughing saying that I was trapped here forever. I, being spiritually awakened, took this as a challenge and decided to nurture the ghoul telling him I loved him and was OK with that. He screamed “Nooo, you can’t do that” and then it was all over and I woke up. At this point around 14 years ago I started to take this projection thing serious, I was truly doing something real in the dream world.

Viben: Exoskeleton

From that point on I no longer looked at my body as a fragile part of my life. If I saw something in my mind that I wanted, nothing could stand in the way.

Level 5

Realm: Revamp

This is where you begin to develop calm control over flying.

Titan: Cupid

I projected, was hovering above my body, and pow: felt a presence and was hit by the love arrow. Needless to say it was a romantically exciting experience.

Viben: Romance

You are the Casanova

Level 6

Realm: Terrain

Ok this is where I stop my personal progression. I have yet to attain anything in this realm because I can’t seem to project anymore. I visited the Reaper back in 2006, didn’t project again till 2019, and after visiting Cupid I don’t care to do this anymore more till I get myself completely under control. This is a life changing skill, and to make a long story short I’m gonna do major things in this life. Ever since I started projecting my life developed in awesome ways. All I have now is speculation. I believe that Terrain means that when you do fly (projection also enhances your basic dream world as now when merely subconsciously dreaming I can fly) the world around you holds together, as it all seems to fall apart and the dream I was dreaming, once flying, doesn’t hold together.

Titan: Demeter

I predicted Cupid, so I don’t have a problem seeing this.

Viben: Explore

Level 7

Realm: Proof

Titan: Sherlock Holmes

Viben: Attain

Level 8

Realm: Disaster

Titan: Poseidon

Viben: Trident

Level 9

Realm: Mystery

Titan: Diablo

Viben: Present

Level 10

Realm: Mood

Titan: Christ

Viben: Hollow

Level 11

Realm: Fantasy

Titan: Youth

Viben: Pen

Level 12

Realm: Wish

Titan: Knight

Viben: Kingdom

Level 13

Realm: Party

Titan: Dionysus


Level 14

Realm: Station

Titan: Conductor


Level 15


Titan: Aphrodite


Level 16


Titan: Hermes


Level 17

Realm: Prison

Titan: Guard

Viben: Reserve

Level 18


Titan: Helen

Viben: Study

Level 19

Realm: Hades

Titan: Circe

Viben: Collision

Level 20

Realm: Olympus

Titan: Zeus

Viben: Plane

I can’t remember everything right now but I do have a complete list written in a notebook I can’t get to yet. I’ll finish this soon.


This is how you expand your dream world. Definitely after the first time through you gain more than flying.

The dream world is a prerequisite of the physical, so that expands to.