Shape Shifting, ND vs. LD

Hey all.

I have a question to you guys regarding transforming/shape shifting in dreams.

I have had many normal dreams where I am a different species/character etc. Except in the VAST majority of them, even though I think I am a different creature, when I look down I am still human, and other characters in the dream still treat me like I am a human. Heh, It ends up looking really silly because I run around in the dream saying “I’m a dragon!” and other characters say “um… no,” then I get all dissapointed. :panic:

When you transform in a LD do you truly feel like you have transformed, and have taken on different abilities as well? I am just trying to think of things to work for and think about when working on a LD. Thanks for any input.


well, that’d depend on your expectations.

But yeah, you could change your shape and feel like/look/be treated like that thing. Of coarse, it may not actually feel like it would in real life - your brain would make it feel like you’d imagine it’d feel (which I guess means you can’t be disapointed)

Dream characters are the most frustrating to talk to, and they seem to be the most stubborn, or just in denial that they are actually just figmants of your imagination. No matter how many times you tell them they are what they are, they’ll deny it. So, if you believe you transformed into a dragon, believe it more!Breathe them flames, and teach them suckas where dragons really come from :tongue:

Well I don’t think burning them to death will help convince them they are not real heh.

Just that you are evil.

Well, how would you like it if some random weirdo started claiming you were a figment of their imagination :wink:?

Actually, I think the DC’s being stubborn is all down to a placebo effect. Mine were fine until I read that they didn’t believe you were dreaming (though since I’ve realised this, they now believe me again).

Remember, the placebo effect affects everything in your LD’s (including your RC’s).

one time i managed to actually feel like i was a dragon, i flew with my wings and breathed fire, and it was very fun.

but normally i have shape shifting problems, turning into a woman is very very very very hard… maybe i need to study female anatomy.