So, I wanna shapeshift into something. Maybe a dragon, or a pokemon, or maybe something that doesn’t really even exist. Any ideas? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I transformed into a dragon before, that was fun! I also transformed into a werewolf, which was in a normal dream though. I also regular transformed into other human beings, usually of the other gender.

I often have dreams where I do magic stuff. Often these Harry Potter like dreams are great, too.

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Neat! Do you have any tips on how to do the shift of the shapes?

I highly recommend this

just click and read it.


I very much routinely seize the opportunity to shapeshift whenever I attain a reasonably stable level of lucidity. In my case, I tend to focus on transformations into things that don’t exactly fall on the “cute” end of the spectrum I.E. Monsters, Beasts, Aliens. There was a case a while back where I became a Yautja (Predator Films) and the LD even went as allowing me full use of the BioHelms vision modes which was unexpected.

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Cool! Thanks for the help : D