Shared dreaming Challenge/game?

srry if this is in the wrong topic, it was either here or beyond dreaming but o wells if it needs to be moved it can

But anyways this idea just hit me, it seems to me the best way (over the internet) to attempt to have a shared dream should be put into some sort of challenge form… Once 10-15ish people have signed up with brief description of selves LD’S a week, etc etc it can be started.
Of course anyone that wants to join can, even after it has started. Once or twice a week the person in the charge for the month will post a big post saying ATTEMPT A SHARED DREAM TONIGHT! below it will be the description of the attempted meeting place with as much description as possible and so on… The following day everyone should post EVERY dream they can remember from the previous night on the topic. (in a spoiler to save space) Hopefully after a little while we might get a match!!! and possible be able to prove SD!!! The person in charge could also maybe post everyone’s name and a small description of everyones dream. so its easy to check if there were any matches that day.
Every month or so the person in charge could randomly be changed or to the most active person. also possible every third day everyone would know to attempt a SD that night instead of being chosen by the person in charge. Of course there will be several different time zones for this but hopefully that shouldnt be too big a deal once enough people have joined.
During the time in between attempt nights, people can post ideas on how to make the challenge better and increase chances of meeting.
The meeting spot doesn’t have to change every week and could be better if it doesnt change at all. This is similar to the Chroniclers but that seems to be a bit more scattered and less organized- plus this would be a way more active thing.
Im sure there may have been some sort of posts somewhat similar to this in the past or at least trying to organize a date to attempt a SD.
Wouldnt be awesome if sometime in the future there would be a nation SD day where everyone who knows about LD’ing attempts a SD and there is a seperate website and everything… :eek: anyways a little ahead of myself :tongue:
Please post thoughts about what you think!

Im here to sign up, i really believe in Shared Dreaming and want to be part of this group.

Anyways i LD every night but am only limited to my DR whitch fluxuates but it should be pretty easy for me to keep track and stuff.