Shared Dreams

Is there any way to induce them? Like, if you are in a lucid dream and you bring the person in and get them lucid, then they will know that they are dreaming; so then both people are in the same LD? I highly doubt that works but it’s just a thought. So is there a way to induce them? Also, share your experiences, please.

I’ve heard that calling them on a dream telephone, etc, is supposed to work.

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Oh, cool. I’ll have to try that next LD I have. *hasn’t had one since March 18th :sad: *

Oh, and do you have to use that person’s phone number, or can you just think “now I’m calling _________”?

I dunno, I haven’t tried it, I’ve only read about this technique.

Where did you read about it?

There are tonnes of websites on it around, just do a search and you’ll find lots.

Thats how the one I had with my wife worked.

Maybe if you dieled the # while saying it out loud, JUST to be on the safe side! :smile:

Few days ago i had a LD and i wanted to try the shared dream thing , it was before i read this theard, so in my dream i tought of my sister then i saw her standing infront of me and she started talking and i couldnt understand nothing of what she were saying, so i wanted to make her lucid if it was really her or only a part of my imgination so i told her “you are dreamming its not reall its only a dream wake up” and then i dont remmember the rest but i do remmember us talking about somthing. in reall life my sister know about LD’s from what i told her , she never had any LD’s. then in the mornning after that LD my sister came to my room and told me she had a LD :eek: