Shared dreams!

In a dream I went back in time and hugged Damon and warned him what would happen. I had this dream about 6 years ago. He killed himself october 3 and I found out that his sister told me that he talked about me all the time. I want to hold him and only can in dreams. do you think it is possible to share dreams with someone who is living in a different dimension/world/universe etc? And is it safe?

Another dream I had about Damon Lythos is we were in Heaven, in a Bible study and I asked the preacher about Damon and he said that Damon talks about me all the time. Then I started running in the wilderness and Damon started running after me. It was years ago so the details have faded.

I don’t think shared dreaming is possible - no-one else can see what’s happening in your dream.

it is possible! if the people are psychically connected, between soulmates/twin flames

I suggest you have a conversation next sunday with your religious spokeperson about these desires.

See the thing is,I don’t really think that shard dreaming is possible,but theres no evidence to prove that either.