Sharing dreams through autosuggestion

A friend of mine recently mentioned that he thought it was possible to travel to another person’s mind during an ld and talk to them, share a dream essentially. I was curious, so I thought I might try this the next time I got lucid. The trouble is I haven’t been lucid in a while.

So I had another idea. What if I could achieve this in an nd through autisuggestion or incubation. So, as I was going to bed I decided to use autosuggestion, I relaxed myself, cleared my head, and went into something like self hypnosis. I “suggested” (is that the right word? :shy: ) That I would travel to the mind of a certain friend of mine, talk to her, and ask her to say to me the next time she sees me: “I dreamed about you last night.” I was very skeptical of this entire concept, but I tried to believe it would work for purposes of the autosuggestion.

I woke up the following morning with no dr. Disappointed and thinking I wasted a night where I could have been ssild-ing, I grudgingly got up and went to school. When I saw the girl who I had autosuggested about, she looked at me funny and said “I have something I need to tell you… when we’re alone.” :eek:

Annoyingly, we’ve both been so busy that its been a few days and we still haven’t had a moment alone together. :grrr: However, I will probably have a good opportunity tomorrow at band. I will soon know if by some miracle the autosuggestion worked. :woo: Any thoughts on this?

That sounds pretty cool, and if you could share dreams with an LD, then why not in an ND. I never thought of doing it through incubation though, I usually think of doing it in LD terms which just wouldn’t be possible in an ND. Wish you the best of luck that what she has to say is that she dreamed about you!

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