Sharing Dreams

Has anybody here actually shared a dream with somebody? I personally think this is impossible…because how is there a connection between you and somebody else. There isnt… :confused:

I’ve seem numerous theories on how it could be done, but no facts.

Ironically (in a way), if we ever do share a dream, we’d never know, because the chances of us sharing a dream with someone we know is extremely low, considering the amount of people in the world. and so we’d never get to ask them…

I’ve seen numerous thread on it, hint hint.

When it’s done on purpose it’s sometimes called “dreamwalking”.

Sureal, people who believe in shared dreams tend to say you have to be very (emotionally) close with that person. Soo… maybe.

bendrummin58, people believe in paranormal/supernatural explanations to shared dreaming. In my opinion, no real explanation at all. Some people don’t try to explain it, but still believe it. Well, if they experienced it, fair enough. :smile:

ive had a few friends tell me theyve shared a dream before, but i never have personally. ive heard that it could be possible because of your brain frequencies(i.e., it might be possible for another brain to pick them up), but thats kinda hard to believe.

Freecube and I have at least 3 shared dreams a week, minimum, we had one week where we had one everynight, and then another where we had 2 in one night.

I can see why people wouldn’t believe in it, but I do just from personal experience.

Also some of you will probably not believe what i said about the number of shared dreams we have had, but it is true.

In fact we have even had one Lucid shared dream, that one was the coolest.

Right now we are trying to do kind of a network file transfere thing, like computers work, and we are going to try to send images of things we have seen to each other.

I’ve already shared some information in dreams. I think that the common notion of shared dream is restrictive too much, because it supposes that “something” goes out of your body and goes somewhere and that it can meet another “something” in the same time.
In my opinion, if “something” can transcend space and physical laws by going out of a body, it can also transcend time. So you could share the dream of a person who dreamt 5 years ago…

Concerning the theory, I don’t agree with this “something going out” hypothesis. But I think it could be a sort of ESP (telepathy for instance).

I don’t really belief in shared dreams but I don’t say that it is not possible, first of all there are some things in the world that we know nothing about and that are much harder to explain like. ok our world was created from big bang but what is it that are out side the bang that we are living in right now? and what created it? thing of that fore some min and that the shared dreams seams really easy to explain.

there are things that are really hard to explain that could indicate that we could connect to each other in the unconscious like why to scientist very often discover the some thing nearly exact the some time? and what about what they said in the “waking life” about the crossword and that there are easier to solve the day after it have been released and thousand of people already have solve it ?

I think that our brains are way more advanced then we think they are.

hmm, that was interessting DeMoN. Allthough as you said it’s hard to believe…I think that sharing dreams are possible though but that often? i’m not saying i’m not believing you…i don’t know what to think actually…i really want it to be true :content:

What are your relationship to Freecube in the real world and do you got an own theory of why you two share dreams that often?

It sounds great to have a shared lucid dream :yes:

Freecube is my best friend, we do alot of things together and stuff.

I dont really know what the explanation could be, i mean, i just dont know.

I used to not believe in shared dreams either, but i really have no choice now, i mean i have them like everyday.

Freecube and i used to quiz each other about our dreams, ask each other about landscape, language, touch smell, and we are able to answer them perfectly each time, its weird, and kinda scary.

The friend I had “shared information dreams” with is my best friend too. Just a coincidence ?

I think that you have shared dreams with people that you are emotionally conected to. I think that a stronger relationship with that person helps.

I don’t know just a thought.

maybe everyone actually get shared dreams with peoples that they are emotionally conected to more often than we know. The reason why we don’t recognice them more often could be because it’s quite seldom that peoples around you are equally dedicaded to dreaming that you are…

i mean you can’t check if the person you dreamt about got the same dream if that person didn’t remember the dream…

Next time i see any friends in a dream i definatly going to try to get them lucid. That could make them remember their dream.

I use a lot of stuff in the world I have absolutely no idea how they work, I don’t know how shared dreaming is possible. I’ve had a shared dream (not a shared lucid) its here if you want to read it.

Anyone on/reading this thread who has had a shared dream I would be very intrested in putting the accounts of those shared dreams on the Lucid Crossroads website. PM or email me if your willing to have them on the net.