Sharing Lucid Dreams

Hey! I’m super fascinated about the possibility of being in a lucid dream with another lucid dreamer that you know in real life (or not, even), where you are both lucid, conscious, fully aware, and both remember everything upon awakening. I have a good friend who is slowly developing an interest in lucid dreaming and I am wondering if one day it would be possibly for her and I to meet in our lucid dreams together.

Does anyone have any experiences with this, or even anecdotal evidence to its existence? I guess it would all depend on if you think dreams are “just in your head” or are part of an alternate reality. Can’t wait to hear your thoughts or experiences on this. Thanks!

ive heard anectdotal evidence of things like this, both from people i know and people i dont, though im skeptical.

personally i think its probably coincidence when people have a similar dream about each other. it seems like it would be easy to get solid scientific evidence if it were real, and too useful for people to ignore. the military applications alone!

some teachings on dreams say that things like premonitions and dream meetings only work if you dont share them in the real world, or dont try to science them to death. this makes them completely unprovable except to yourself, which seems a little convenient to me, but the universe is strange so i keep an open mind.

if you and your friend are interested in trying it, i say go for it! worst that happens is you both get better at lucid dreaming and share a wonderful hobby. whatever happens i hope youll share your own anecdotes with us :smile:

What a great reply, thanks!

I agree that it could be scientifically supported, however, I wonder if the universal skepticism of such an idea has limited the opportunities for scientific testing (can you receive project funding if your funders think it’s a silly proposal?). While there may be a number of personal stories out there of experiencing such a shared dream, I agree that they are often easily brushed off as coincidence, so has anyone really tried to create a statistically valid experiment on it? Sounds fun!.. Hmm…

Yes, I agree that the idea of “not speaking of it in the real world to make it real” is a little bit too easy of a cop out.

Considering some stories people have of dreaming of a place and then coming across that same place in life, sometime in the future unintentionally suggests some sort of communal subconscious knowledge that we must be tapping into when we sleep?

And considering that dreaming is so primarily run by our subconscious, maybe the act of disbelieving is alone enough to make it impossible?

this is a good point and exactly why i like to keep an open mind! the existence of lucid dreaming itself was greeted with skepticism and scoffing by scientists for a very long time, because “conveniently” the only evidence was anecdotes from dreamers.

but then pioneers like LaBerge figured out how to get scientifically valid information from eye movements! i bet he did not have an easy time finding funding.

perhaps someone else knows what studies might exist in this space and what the results were?

Yes! I’m looking forward to hearing what more people have to say.

I bet with a site like LD4all it wouldn’t even be too hard to get enough skilled LDers to have a decent sample size for a study like this. Someone would just have to put in some time to develop a project design. LaBerge may have had the advantage of having a Dreaming lab to work with but I bet this could totally be done without one… ðŸ§

And hey, maybe if someone designed it all, LaBerge might even wanna help make it happen 🤓

Pantalaimon here designed the Lucid Crossroads:

link fixed

Wow what a cool page they’ve made! I’m going to have to spend more time exploring it, but its fascinating to see people create a place that is potentially universally available to all dreamers

I had an amazing lucid dream last night. Actually early this morning (mornings are easier).

I was frantically running around my house and school, afraid I was late for an oral report I had to do. All of a sudden, I realized “I’m not late, I’m asleep and this is a dream.” But I didn’t wake up. From that point on, I had the longest lucid dream I’ve ever had. It seemed like it went on for hours. It was like virtual reality - I could do anything I wanted.

I’m really learning how to maneuver inside a dream, using the mind. I used to feel paralyzed in dreams all the time, because the body paralyzes itself during a dream so you don’t act it out. But when you maneuver with your mind only, you can move very fast and you startle people as you move by them.

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