shifting from 1st person view to 3rd and back [new title]

I’ve been reading some of the posts within the last 2 days now and have learned so much about LDing. I’m no stranger to them, but i can never have no “control” in them. As soon as i realized i was lucid i would wake up. But having read a bunch of info on this subject, i finally had a “controled” LD. Now dont get me wrong, i didnt control what people did or what shape the environment took but rather how i reacted to the LD. When i felt like i was drifting back to dreamland i said to myself “stay lucid” and i would feel myself being brought back to lucidity. Now there are a couple of things that i found weird that i never experienced before. I felt myself every once in a while shifting from 1st person point of view to 3rd person and back to 1st. Has anyone had that exp. that they could shed some light on? Also, i felt tingling sensations up and down my arms almost like when your arm falls asleep you get the pins and needles feeling. But nothing occured in the dream because of it. I never had an OBE but isnt that tingling sensation part of the process? Or is it something else that has to do with LDing? I would appreciate any comments or info. Thank you for letting me be a part of this.

I’ve had a similar experience, but not in an LD dream. In a single dream, i was about 4 different people :grin: in the same dream story and then i was sort of looking down at the whole story. It was weird. I have no idea why this happens, but it’s pretty kewl.

Well, I can tell you that in one of my VERY VERY first LD’s when I knew what they where, but I wasn’t trying to obtain them, I had the wierdest expierence yet :bored:

From my dream journal:

Wierd huh?! Yep and totally random like all my dreams, most people think it was a combonation of a lucid and an OBE but I dunno :content:

EDIT: Forgot to add, When I “zoomed into my body” I felt vibrations and tingleyness. And I also believe if this WAS a combo between a lucid and an OBE that I might not of seen spiders, but some other things and my mind just translated them into spiders.


Makes me feel even better knowing that i was possibly close to having an OBE. I’ll have to practise on that also. Oh man, i wish i found this site a long time ago, i could just imagine where i would be right about now!

The main thing is that u have found it now and u can start from here and increase your skills in lucidity from now on in.

Hey Golgo13 !
Welcome to the Ld4all forum !
Congrats on your 1st Ld!!
Im not sure i can answer any of your questions :sad: . But if you look around the forum some more and ask a few ppl…im sure they will be able to answer your questions!
c ya ^_~

Hey Im new here to Golgo. Thats awesome that you had a lucid dream, I havent had one yet, hopefully I will soon though. This sites nice isn’t it? I really like it a lot, I like lucid dreaming a lot. I think if I didnt know about lucid dreams I’d go crazy from boring reality.

Welcome Golgo13 and Jewish_Boy to forum! I wish you the most warm welcome and a good luck on your lucid journey!

Thanks everyone, although i havent had a LD since the last one i posted, I now know not to rush or should i say force myself to have one. I’m just trying to write down whatever dreams i can and find that dream signal thats in most of my dreams and use it to have another LD. Later!

Golgo13: Just don’t give up. You WILL have another lucid dream!

Well, that sounds like quite a…wierd dream you had, but that’s kinda the whole point of dreams, I suppose. I haven’t LD’d yet myself(did that make sense?) so I’m basically jealous of anyone who has. It sounds like such fun… Anyway, good luck.

Well, in a radio interview with laBerge he said something interesting about 3rd person perspective. He said that (i don’t remember exactly what he said) a lot of older memories are stored from a 3rd person perspective. This allows for different types of psychological manipulation, so you can see things in a different light, or more objectively, or more handy, etc.

Personally, in a recent lucid dream I was a car, looking at myself from a 3rd person perspective. When I tried to turn back to 1st person human I woke up :bored: . Oh well.