shocked awake

often times when im first falling asleep i will be in the inbetween stage ,where you are halfway in a dream but still halfway awake, and i will be walking or in motion and all of a sudden my real body will jerk and my dream body will trip or run into somthing. what is this phenomena(sp?)?

i havnt heard about it before. it happens very often(2-3 times a week) and has been happening since i can remember. just thought i would see if anyone knew anything about it.

I think I know what you mean…

What you’re talking about - it gives you a little shock right? A sudden falling type feeling?

Well I don’t know how it’s called, but I know it sure does feel weird :grin:

I think I can remember about reading about these shcoks somewhere once. The article said that it wasn’t really clear why we got this shock when falling asleep, but it could be because of that when we’re falling asleep, we often get a sensation of falling, and that this shock could be a reflex to this falling sensation…

But what causes the falling sensation :eh:

yea thats exactly it

like hitting the ground after a brief fall. hmm… maybe i should look into this more thouroughly.

I often have thease small dreams when I nap where I doing something and fall and wakes up with a real jump, very non relaxing when you are trying to get some sleep. The dream never lasts more that 1-3sec.

Yeah, I can’t say it’s frequent kind of thing with me, but I do get that feeling alot. It’s like a kind of tripping and it feels like you’re actually falling. You get that feeling in the pit of your stomach and then you wake up? :blush:
I read somewhere that every night when you’re making the transfer from the physical to the dream plane, I don’t know, but something goes wrong with the transition and you’re jerked quickly back into the physical, creating a falling type of feeling. It’s nothing to worry about though. Hope that helped :content: .

It happens when you reach the point of complete muscle relaxation.

It’s called “hypnagogic myoclonus” or (more commonly) “myclonic jerk”. More information here:

Yeah, I get these experiences too. I think they’re kind of cool in a roller coaster frightening kind of way.

This “hypnagogic myoclonus” seems to refer more to external noises making you jump. I have had that, like the phone ringing. But I’ve also had a “shock” in my dream as I’m falling asleep that makes my body jump. :nervous:

I used to have those sensations too, quite alot actually. But then I moved my bed to the other side of the room, and I’ve never had them anymore… weird… :shrug: Anyway, just a moment before I had that feeling, I always see a pavement.

i get these alot when sleeping in the car but i get it bad enough sometimes that the first ting that i hear when i wake is people laughing at how high i jumped!i kinda like these sensations:)they give sme the same feeling as when watching a scary movie and being on edge and being surprised.

Yeah i have this too, really annoying… And for some reason this seems to have increased since i started lding.

im thinkgin about useing the jerk as a sign to start WILD. im already half asleep. and it mostly happens in the middle of the night after going pee. or in the afternoon when im napping.