shoping list!

need the locations of the following items:
2 LED’s with mounting hardware
I use very large 10mm LEDs with threaded mounts. They protrude
about 1/4 inch inside the lenses of my glasses
1 4.7K ohm 1/4 watt resistor (R1)
1 220 ohm 1/4 watt resistor (R2)
1 100 ohm 1/4 watt resistor (R3)
1 10K ohm variable resistor
1 NPN transistor (I used a small 2N2222)
Transistors have 3 wires called: base, emitter, and collector. There
are several different styles of transistors, all with different
arangements of the three wires. Ask someone at the place you buy the
transistor to explain which wire is which on the transistor your
1 small single pole/single throw momentary contact switch
1 Optek OPB206A Reflective Object Sensor
1 DB-25P connector with hood (to plug into PC printer port)
1 DB-15P connector with hood (to plug into PC game port)
1 length of 5 conductor 24 AWG wire with shield. An old serial cable works
fine and it can be just about any length you want. The colors of the
individual conductors isn’t important. For the sake of these
instructions, we’ll assume that the colors of the wires are: Red,
Yellow, Blue, Violet, Black, and Shield. Shield being a bare wire
thats connected to a foil wraping around the other conductors.

Now remember I can’t buy anything off the net.And I don’t want to be calling the optek company so I want an alternative.ughhhh…this is gonna be a pain in the ***.They give you a thirty day trial for this dream waver program for my computer.Bassically its a rip off because you need time to make those flashes on the dreamgoggles your dreamsigns.I’m looking for freeware insted of shreware.All this costs about 5 bucks but hard to find for me.Thnx for readin this long piece of **** and I hope you can help.thnx!

c’mon!isn’t any body gonna reply.

eh! this is the 9th day now this’s been up!Someone respond!! :grrr:

Okay, you don’t want to order over the phone, and you don’t want to use the internet… what do you expect anyone to tell you then?!

Go to radioshack, they should have most of the 'sistors, switches, and stuff. They should have LED’s too, Im sure.

But you can also try and order a free catalog, over the internet, or over the phone. I know C. Crane has LEDs.

Keep in touch and tell us how it goes. If you get a working model share the instructions. :smile: :thumbs: