Short dreams? *Bah*

hey all

i think im having problems with my dreams
iv been reading thru some dream journals and allot have awesome dreams
not only that… it also seems that the are very long ones too?
is that something you can learn ?
or maybe im doing something wrong…

im just curious how long you people been doing this lucid dreaming …
my dreams are very short.

now and then i even skip a day or 2 by not making notes of my dream in my journal
just because i dont wanna typ such a short dream (feels kinda like its not worth it)
its not something to be proud about i guess :meh: hehe

hope to hear from you soon.

                 Greets Fanta.

:hmmm: I would say this is based on luck (at least for me).

But you can train to have longer dreams :yes: you need motivation and time and dont think short dreams are bad (I had awesome fragments :wink: )

Good luck.


when waking up DON’T move at all and lye still while you remember your dream. Also in my case I drink tea before sleep and during the night and that helps me.

For some reason tea with sugar really helps me. The day before yesterday I forgot it and got a few sentences for my DJ but with it today I got around 4 pages :smile:

One thing that helps is to try and extract as much data as you can of the dream - as much as colors, even. Try and associate numbers you wake up with in mind.

Record the short dreams!!! Suppose your dreams seem short because you simply forgot parts of them! Often if you start recording any dream you can recall more as you write. And if it is just memory the write as much as you can, it IS worth it, because DJing is part of learning to remember your dreams.
If it is because your REM sleep is short, then maybe you should go to bed earlier so you can sleep longer. I don’t know how long you usually sleep, but if you don’t sleep very long, increasing that time will help. REM periods get longer in duration the more hours you sleep, so you can take advantage of that. If you already sleep many hours, then it’s probably not a good idea to increase. As I hear, too much sleep is just as harmful as too little sleep.

If it is a short lucid dream, then it’s easy to solve, if it’s a short normal dream, then that’s harder to solve.

didnt had many ld yet…
so i would say the normal ones atm :smile:

oh and im gonna follow some of these tips maybe all of them :happy:

thnx all.

then i can’t know for sure, but it think you actually DO have longer dreams, but you don’t remember it all.

You should definatley write down every dream you have, even the small ones. This will aid your dream recall and cause you to remember your longer ones. Good luck :happy:

yes i agree dont remember them only parts…
and sometimes in the mornings
i know i had a dream but i just cant remember it :meh:

most of my lucid dreams have been short so far. and since i’ve been drinking heavily over the last 5 months, i dont dream anymore.

Bannas really help me. I eat about three of them before going to bed, and take 150mgs, of vitamen B6. Allso write about 50 times… “I will remmber my dreams”. Remmber everyone dreams, its just that you cant remmber them.

If you dont want to litter you DJ with short dreams you can do what I do. I have a diffrent note book I use for dream fragments.

Sounds great ill try it

not the Bananas tho
one time i was in the hospital because i ran in to a car :razz:
my leg was broken…
people gave me lots of fruit as a present
anyways i ate many Bananas that day
What happend was the next morning…
ah shoot i aint gonna tell it (lol)

More tips are welcome :happy: