Should I be worried?

OK, I recently had a lucid dream, I have had a few in the past 3 years or so. In this one I was sitting in a place surrounded by people and it was like a private school I felt and then all of a sudden I realized that I would never be there in real life. First off I’m poor and not that smart. So I suddenly just got up and said I have to do something before I wake up I can’t let this dream go to waste. But then this big guy(fat and tall) suddenly sprang up to attack me and I knowing it was just a dream kissed him in the forehead to show he was harmless, odd I know especially since I’m a guy. So then i proceeded to commite a horrible crime. It wasn’t violent but I don’t want to get into it.
So, what do you think about commiting crimes in dreams? If I were to do so whenever I had a lucid dream would that have any negative psychological effects? Or is it a healthy way to… I’m not sure what to do but will it help me cope with that problem in real life? I know it’s kind of hard to answere without going into details but it’s private.

First don’t worry. People on this forum are generally non judgmental. You would be amazed at the things people post.

I don’t really know if it would cause you and psychological damage because I don’t know any thing about you or what you did in your dream. But I have done booth good and bad things in my dreams with no ill effects. Your LD ‘s can be an outlet for you to express your dark side. I would only suggest that you keep yourself in balance by doing positive things as well. :yinyang:

Just remember anything you do in your LD is in your mind and you have not done anything wrong, and no one was really hurt.

i agree and am a big advocate of giving our dark sides some exercise in a safe medium (ie our dreams) i think it’s far more dangerous to keep negativity bottled up inside where it’ll one day accumulate and blow like a volcano than giving it regular work outs

i think the latter is more healthy and gives us the opportunity to study where our negativity is coming from and to consider the question why whatever it may be produces negativity in us. that’s how to deal with negativity, not by filing it away out of sight but learning about it and hence learning how to stop it from ever arising, or how to best deal with it when it does

anyway, i wish you would share what “crime” it is you committed. like milod said, for the most part we are non-judgemental here on this forum, we are a community of dreamers afterall, and i guarantee you for every crime you have committed, there is someone on this forum who has committed one more heinous, but since i’m encouraging you to share, let me start off with a list of my one

=> tried to have sex with the wife of somebody i know in WL, the only reason i didn’t succeed was cause i got too excited and woke up
=> i had an ND where i snapped and killed 3 people for NO reason, became lucid after i did that and spent the rest of the dream running from the cops
=> killed 14 gang members once, that dream kinda disturbed me, actually it really disturbed me, i made a thread about it on here somewhere… people on the forum made me feel a lot better about it though
=> tried to kill/torture one of my ex-girlfriends in an LD (i was trying to use force lightning, but couldn’t get it to work
=> i tried to assassinate one of my close friends once, i broke two of his bodyguard’s necks but when i got close to him he had a gun so i had to run

anyway, i think it’s important to note that even in lucid dreams, your subconscious still has some sway, sometimes more than others… anyway this post is too long, good luck with your LDing :yinyang:

A cryptic dream that, a horrible crime that is not violent. Pretty much all horrible crimes are violent crimes. :confused:

I think you are judging your self too harshly. You did not commit any crime.
We all have our dark thoughts and desires. I agree with oneiromancer that you can/should use you LD ‘s to give your thoughts a positive outlet. That way (if you let yourself) you can express them safely. It would be more unhealthy to keep them bottled up.

Think about what we have said and stop being so hard on yourself and let go of this unnecessary guilt.

Good luck

it ranks about all that times ten in evilness. I feel like an asshole and I should never have brought it up if I was going to not say. However I’m going to try and have more lucid dreams and experiment with them. A year or so ago I had a lucid dream in which I flew and then read about it and was able to have another one the next day so I hope I’m good at this. Failed at it last night probably because I went to bed stressing over stuff. However I’m going to try those “Reality Checks” like I read on another post and try to stick my fingers through stuff every so often and try to be doing it every 4 or 5 minutes.

Um you mis quoted there. Those were oneiromancer quotes. But that is OK I’ve done far worse in some of my LD ‘s.

It does not matter what you did in your LD. Your LD ‘s are a safe place to vent your frustrations, express your anger, explore your fantasies, explore you light and dark sides (we all have them), etc…
It seams you are feeling overly distressed by what actions you took in your dreams so I suggest that in your next LD do something positive to balance yourself out. :yinyang:

The guilt you feel is truly unnecessary. Everything was just in your mind. Believe me, if you look around the forum you will find post of people who have done things that equates to or even exceeds anything you have done.

Like I said above, you do not have to feel bad about making a post. We don’t judge here. The only thing you have to be careful of is language.

Good Luck and Good Dreams

Thanks I suffer from bi-polar disorder or something =P One second I’m all happy and optimistic and the other I feel all sad and drepressed. Well I’m wondering what amount of hours per nigh of sleep do you reccomend to most likely get a dream and if there is any other simple actions which can cause you to have dreams which you recall easier. I’m not sure about a DD since I wouldn’t want people to end up reading what I dream about since I’m pretty sure it’s some messed up sh_t. I just currently don’t have a great recall.

Have you ever tried WBTB? There’s a sticky somewhere around here that describes it. It’s great for improving chances of dream recall and lucidity as well. It’s a pretty simple concept; all you have to do is go to sleep at your regular time. Set an alarm to wake you up about 4-6 hours after you go to sleep. After you wake up stay awake for 10-20 minutes (some people stay awake for more or less). It’s a good idea to read about lucidity in that time, and before going back to sleep try to have dreaming/dream recall on your mind. It’s always helped me.

Some people keep track of their dreams mentally. I don’t really have a DD at the time, but I try to review my dreams from the previous night each morning (not really recommended). I usually end up forgetting them anyways. If you’re worried about people reading your DD (as someone who has really odd dreams, I share that fear) you can keep one on the computer. In Microsoft Word there is a password feature that you can use.

Hope I helped out a little :grin:

As a general rule the more sleep you can get the better. At least 6 hrs but, if possible you should get 7-9 hrs for best results

As you are going to sleep firmly tell yourself that you will remember your dreams. I strongly encourage you to keep a DD in some way. It is very important in the beginning to improve dream recall and later for learning how to LD.

Hard to answer because I don’t know what your situation is. You could just keep your DD in a plain notebook. Nothing that looks attractive for people to want to sneak a peek in and hide it somewhere. If your computer is in your room you could do as suggested and keep a DD on the computer and password protect it.

why do you want to lucid dream ???

i’m asking that question because most people would say “to learn about myself” or “to have fun” or “to progress spiritually”

if your reason for wanting to LD is one of or any combination of the above, i think you’re making it far more difficult for yourself by looking over your shoulder worrying about what others might say if they stumble across your DJ and beating yourself up for some “crime” you committed

in dreaming… in thinking… there are no limitations except that which you put on yourself, i lucid dream to take off my self-made shackles, and i don’t think i’d be very successful if i continued to put further limitations on myself

how are we to reach our full potential if we won’t LET ourselves ???

a DJ is a VERY useful tool and i HIGHLY suggest you keep one

I think that ‘killing’ in an LD is no more killing than someone writing a detective story about a murder would be ‘killing’.

Now as to the ‘motives’ of your heart when you feel like you want to do this in an LD. Well I cannot tell you that, only you can tell. But if you feel a need to harm somebody and you are expressing it in this way, do you need perhaps to come to terms with this inside of you? Perhaps such an LD could help you come over it, I don’t know…

On the mental side of things, I don’t know how good it is. I remember reading in ETWOLD that when you kill ‘dream enemies’, other worse DC revengers will come back. So what you ‘eliminate’ won’t last, you’ll have to face their revengers someday. Better if you resolve things in your dreams pacifically - just talk with ‘dream enemies’ for instance.

I wouldn’t worry too much about things you do in dreams. Maybe you were actually dreaming of someone else but in the image of yourself, you know how jumbled up dreams can be.

Hope you have some lucid dreams soon :smile:

Its better that people commit crimes in dreams than in real life.

Go to the dream diary section and you’ll see that there are much worse dreams than that.

someone on here (my comps slow at the mo so I couldnt quote, sorry) that nearly all horrible crimes are violent crimes. Not really.
It depends how the other people react…mmm

raped someone in a dream once (I was a guy in the dream, and he was a guy too…never done that IRL, but it felt real enough…ok, too much info lol!) but I wouldn’t say it was violent, cos the other guy eased into it…OMG cant believe I’ve just written that!
oh well. just as a little comment you probably dont wanna know, felt better as a guy than a girl! :wink:

Finally had a dream that i semi-recalled today, guess it was because I went to sleep relaxed and slept for like 15 hours :content: seriously.


Well it’s good that you went to sleep relaxed. Hopefully this thread has been helpful to you. Now after 15 hrs of sleep you should be well rested. :smile:
Let us know if we can help.


You are too much. LOL You have made my night. :lol: