Should I stay or should I go?

“Should I stay or should I go”.

I thought this was a good question to ask myself during the day because it, quite simply, sums up my options in any moment: I can stay where I am and carry on doing what I’m doing, or go elsewhere and do something else.

If this habit carries over to dreams I think the rise in that awareness may make me lucid.

I think this is kind of related to critical questions to raise awareness, as long as it makes you remember to be aware of your surroundings then it should work and could very possibly make you lucid.

Is it possible to say how many critical questions there are?

What are they?

[color=olive]Heh nice the topic reminds me of the song.[/color]

[color=olive]There are many like:
-Where am I?
-What am I doing here?
-What was I just doing?
…And the list goes on…

But yea I think that is a great idea and the song may help remind you to ask that question. Heh its stuck in my head at the moment too, thinking about it.[/color]

Thanks Koharo.

Yeah, it’s a good song. I always end up at the “Should I cool it or should I blow” bit too, ha ha :tongue: