Should this work?

I’ve had a few lucid dreams, about 5 maybe. Though I have been trying for like… must be almost 2 years, which annoys me. Okay, maybe I haven’t exactly been the most commited lder :wink: . I never do reality checks but hey…

Once I believe I had a lucid dream after using the WBTB method. I got up, thought of lucid dreaming and went back to bed.

Of course, that was just once.

Here’s my idea:

I go to bed at 12. Get up at 7. Go to the bathroom and wash my face or whatever. Think of lucid dreaming and maybe repeat something a few times in my head. Then go to sleep.

Would that be a good method? What could I do to improve my chances?

And how important are reality checks? To be honest I can never really pin down a common or frequent feature in my dreams, though my dream recall has been crappy lately. That and I could never think of an RC that didn’t require me to be doing something almost every minute.

I say when you get up at seven to an RC, like check your clock three or four times, wash your face if you want, and just try and stay in a lucid mind state until you fall back to sleep.

Dont get discouraged if it doesnt work though, just think, maybe next time.

Also I think RC are pretty important, cause you are checking your reality, checking/examining the world around you for flaws. This is how you come to know the dream world as different from the waking. Only by examining it.

good luck to you…and me…

that sounds very much like WB2B method it should be listed somewhere on the quest for lucidity page. it is a extremly useful tech that a lot of people use, it helps a lot with wild.

RT for me are the only way that i find good to get lucid they are helpful and they keep me in check and rountine. the more that you do the better you will get but if RT are not Tech that you want to use try the one that you described above and focus a lot on that i think that you will do very well :happy:


You did not mention anything about a dream journal. Do you keep one? If not I highly recommend it. Keeping a dream journal and doing RC’s alone can give you lucid dreams.

Then add the WBTB with MILD to that and you will greatly increase your chances.

Practice consistently and seriously and you will see success.

Happy dreaming

Yeah… that may be my problem right there. I DO… sort of keep a dream journal but… well to be honest right now I don’t really.

I used to, which come to think of it may have just been the thing that gave me those few lucid dreams I had before. I’ve been neglecting it for the past… ages, you could say. Not really bothering about writing dreams down much and not particularly… acknowledging to myself that I keep a dream journal which perhaps led me not to remember dreams as well lately.

Hmmmm… right, I’ve got a technique outlined… now I just need a reality check to think of, and a way to get better sleep :bored:

thats funny I wake up at 7 and go to sleep at 12 just like you.

so any way heres what you should do:
find a notebook start to write down your dreams in it every time you get up, lay down well wrighting so your body can go to sleep faster, then go to the bathroom then go to sleep. don’t forget to get in the habit of checking your hands to see if you have healthy fingers.

Yeah a notebook might be better than my current method - a load of loose A4 pages. :wink:

Sometimes it’s kind of hard to figure out where one dream continues on from the last part…