Should you practice MILD continuously throughout the day?

Does it make any difference if you constantly repeat a mantra (like the LaBerge classic “Next time I’m dreaming, I want to realize I’m dreaming”, for example) throughout the day instead of only doing it right as you are about to fall asleep?
I have experimented with this a bit, and it seems like I have a better chance to become lucid if I repeat it several times at different occasions from the moment I wake up, whereas my success rate seems a little lower if I wait until I’m going to sleep.
But I haven’t tested it enough to make any real conclusions yet.

What you’re doing is called autosuggestion, and it’s an effective technique. So, yes, do continue your mantra throughout the day!

I guess it can help you but I think it’s always quality before quantity. If you do it mindlessly then it has no meaning therefore no effect, when you do it before bed it may seem more important because well you are about to sleep and you are about to dream…

If you feel that it helps you then by all means do it but do it properly…

Good luck! :content: