Sight in lucid dreams

Ok so i have had several lucid dreams and in every one of them i cant see. When i realize i am dreaming it is as if i suddenly became blind. In my last LD i was being attacked then i realized i was dreaming, then i could not see. I was still aware of where everyone was and i beat them all. After that, i lost lucidity and regained my sight. Anyone who has any tips id be glad to hear thanks.

Something similar to this happened to me when I first started (And still does). When I become lucid sometimes something latches onto my face and I lose vision, and I used to panic and wake up. Now I just calm myself down and work my vision back into the dream. Things like shouting “Return my vision” or simply willing your vision back work for me, perhaps they can work for you.

I have a similar problem. If I somehow block all the light from getting to my eyes my vision will turn off. I haven’t managed to recover from it yet, but I do have a plan, and it involves doing things similar to what Picknick10 said.

Basically, you need to recognize that you still have your vision, it’s just obscured. Then focus like Picknick10 said and try to bring it back. I plan to try visualization as a method of returning my sight, but any technique in which you focus on your vision could help bring it back.

Curiously, I had my first case of not hearing (specifically my own voice) a few days ago. I realize now that if I had focused on what I mentioned just now, and just told myself that I could hear my voice it probably would have come back in. The same could be for your vision.

Just remember that no matter what you choose to do to fix the problem, it won’t work if you don’t believe it will.

Thanks a lot i’ll have to try these out next time im lucid.

It happened to me as well. And when I tried to open my eyes, I woke up.

Next time it happened, since I was already lucid, I understood that the fact that my eyes are open or closed (or covered) has no connection to me seeing in a dream. I just have t o wait patiently for the vision to return on its own.
And in fact the vision returned.

This has happened to me several times, in all my vision returned when I just expected for it to return and waited.


Next time it happens try closing your eyes or spinning really hard

I’ve had that happen soooo many times. I’d accidentally close my eyes for some reason and when I try to open them I only open my IRL ones and awake. Because of this I’ve stopped pursuit of the “close your eyes teleportation” trick. It’s not worth it if you could wake yourself accidentally. :razz:

This happens to me semi often in lucid dreams and a few NDs as well. A method that has worked for me to remedy it in the past has been to actually grab my eyelids with my hands and pull them open. I’d recommend doing it if simply willing or demanding the dream to return your sight fails to work.

This has happened to me before in a slightly different way. First I have to tell you about something called FASP. FASP stands for False Awakening Sleep Paralysis, and is basically when you experience SP during a FA. This used to happen to me a lot.

Anyway, when I go into SP during WILD or wake up in FASP during a FA, I usually keep my eyes closed to avoid seeing any HH that might cause me to freak out and wake up. However, once the paralysis wears off I find it very difficult to open my eyes again. Sometimes I can only sort of get them open, and I have blurred vision for the rest of the dream. Other times I have been able to pull my eyes open with my hands. Either way, whenever this happens I usually wake up within the next minute so it doesn’t really matter.

Also, one time I had a DILD where I lost vision as soon as I became lucid, but I just visualized and demanded that my SC bring the world back, and eventually a dreamscape materialized before my eyes.