Sigil-Induced Lucid Dream

Could someone explain to me what the heck this is all about? What is a sigil (I’m not english :razz:) and is this technique all about? I try reading the first post but I understand nothing. Sure, I understand the words but I can’t put it to something that actually makes sence. I should draw a little something to…???

Basicly it creating a symbol (or image, still the same) which is a message for your subconscious to have lucid dream that encrypted like an image that your subconscious will learn, it like autosuggestion, but far more effective (or at least supposed to be)

No prob, MovieMe. :razz:

To start off, a Sigil is a picture that stands for what you want to do.

In the Sigil-Induced Lucid Dreaming technique, you get the Sigil to stand for your intention to have Lucid Dreams.

This is done by taking your intention and turning it into a sentence like “I will have a Lucid Dream.” Afterwards, you need to put it in picture form, so you take the individual letters and make them into a small picture that you can easily visualize. Just take some of the letters and make a doodle.

Next you imagine your picture in a focused state of mind so your Subconscious gets the message.

Lastly, you destroy the picture and forget about it so you don’t end up trying too hard.

Your Subconscious will allow you to realize that you are dreaming without you having to do a thing.

One more question (and hopefuly last), by forgeting do you mean stop thinking about the sigil or realy forgeting it so you can’t recreate the image in your mind anymore?

Both, actually, exshade.

You don’t really need to forget that you ever made it, though that works even better. Just stop trying to think about it and let the Sigil go into Long Term Memory where your Subconscious can eat it up like Ice Cream. :grin:

Oh thanks.
BTW in order to maximize my results Iv’e installed a program that flashes images onto the screen many time for very brief moments, it suppose to blast my subconscious with the sigils without actualy allowing me to look at them and remember them, do you think this might work?

The Subliminal Blaster? Love it. Works really well even though it can get distracting sometimes.

Oh I used another program called Subliminal Images, it supports images rather then text, but could be cool to combine both graphic and mantric sigils

It supports Images? That’s amazing! Makes the Technique easy as hell, too.

*Genkai goes to download Subliminal Images.

Probably the two most useful LD software :smile:

Agreed. :smile:

I think you struck gold here, altough I havn’t had a full lucid dream from this method (I’m realy skeptic all day long so at night it kinda looses so only WILD had a good effect on me and also kinda rarely), since I began working with the sigils my dreams drastically improved, in the first night it was like a regular dream but my I could remember a lot more information from my dream, in the second night my dreams became a lot clearer and the dream recall also improved and last night my dreames became very vivid and clear, and the dream recall extremely improved as I can remember about 70% of my dreams last night as opposed to about 15% in every regual night, I guess that very soon I will become aware that I’m dreaming.

The bottom line - This method is highly recommended, and from what Iv’e seen, it have a very high success rate.
Thanks Genkai!

Glad to help, exshade. For those of us that get driven mad by MILD, such as I, this is probably the way to go. :happy:

Finally I get it. Brilliant!

Well, I completely forgot to report my results! In fact, I forgot about my dream completely until seeing this thread and remembering sigils.

I wasn’t lucid, but in hindsight, all I had ‘asked’ of the sigil was to remember my last dream of the night in vivid detail. And I did. It was, in fact, the most detailed and life-like dream that I can remember.

Albeit, I have been eating bananas, self-hypnotizing, etc., etc., but I believe the sigil and consequent autosuggestion did most of the work.

I’m going to try it again, tonight (as I was unable to yesterday).

Good luck tonight, Ultimate. This time make your Sigil a bit more specific. :happy:

Another question :tongue:
Do I have to make a new sigil everytime the effects are weaker?
And if doing every night another sigil can improve results?

Yes and yes. Whenever you have a dryspell, just make another one. :happy:

Cool, thanks once again!

It didn’t work for me last night. But it says this week, so I have six more tries. If it doesn’t work, I can try agin Sunday.