Sigil-Induced Lucid Dream

the sigil thing didnt work for me :sad: some help plzzz! i did everything right… i thought… lol

Hasn’t worked for me either.

The gnostic state is wonderful though… when I do it I just feel like I could fall asleep right away.

If visual sigils aren’t exactly your cup of tea, you can take the letters and form a short mantra to repeat in your head. You can get creative with this, and just try many methods of S(igil)ILD to find one that works for you.

I had a mildly good LD using it last night, thanks for posting :happy:

Glad to assist you in your Lucid Adventures, cue5c. Don’t forget, you can make the Sigils even more specific and control the content of your NDs and LDs too. :content:


A little positive thought never hurt anyone, Li.

I was really tired, and everyone was asleep so it was quiet, I did it about 20 minutes before I went to bed, and It worked like a charm (although I’m starting to think it was an FLD, but even if it was, it was still awesome). Keep trying, and you must, I repeat, YOU MUST believe it will work, or else it won’t. :happy:

I believe everything works for someone! This one sounds awesome, it’s been working for lots of people! I tried something similar last night: I crossed my fingers as I fell asleep, telling myself that because my fingers were crossed I would realise I was dreaming. That is the same as this, essentially - it’s just autosuggestion or willpower or something. I really believed it would work, but I didn’t remember any dreams when I woke up. I had that feeling, though, the feeling you have when you wake up after an LD. Do you guys know what I mean?

Do you guys get this feeling when you wake up after an LD? It’s like a weird feeling… you feel sort of calm, but happy. It’s hard to describe.

And Genkai, I wish I could be more positive, but it’s not me, I’m not a positive person!! damn. Can you make someone into a positive person? hmm

Li, there is a man called Derren Brown who is a master of NLP and he was able to modify a woman’s beliefs at will with one simple exercise.

You need to imagine the feeling you get when you know you can do something, like when you are sure that you will catch a pass in football, or sure that you’ll pass a test, and attach that feeling to what you are trying to do. For example, I combine the feeling I get before winning a game of Abalone with Lucid Dreaming. Difficult to explain, but very simple in practice. Here’s the Link:

Derren Brown rocks.

Mkay, take the feeling you get when you imagine how much Derren Brown rocks and apply it to Lucid Dreaming. :wink:

I have a problem now -_-

I have a slightly photographic memory, and It’s extremely hard for me to forget my Sigils (btw, how do you pronounce that…-_-) and I think it worked before because I was so tired. Any suggestions?

Interesting, cue5c. I never considered that a good memory could impede Sigilwork. :happy:

Either you can make a lot of Sigils at a time in hope of forgetting one or two and then affirm that you won’t remember, or maybe you could make mantras out of your Sigils instead. I’ll have to think about this one.

I read about just making a lot, and saving them for later, so I think I’ll try that.

This technique really doesn’t seem to have any magical aspects about it… It is just modified autosuggestion but i do believe that it could work hell i’ll give it a shot.

You could also try to create audio sigils instead.

So… when you say “destroy” the sigil do you mean completely disavow any knowledge of it ever existing? I burned it and then promptly paper shredded it and cannot remember a single thing about what I wrote.

Perfect, Hurricane. Burning, slicing, and otherwise mutilating the Sigil will suffice. If you can’t remember what it looked like or what it was for, great! Your work is done. :woot:

ok so just to clarify:

i’m NOT supposed to like keep it under my bed or something? Just make it then nuke it to hell?