Significant Dreams

i dont usually go with dream interpretation symbols eg
dreaming of your teeth falling out means you are looking for a change in life (and you should start eating more apples)
i often just dream
but sometimes about once or twice a year or so
i will have a dream
which gives me a feeling that this dream right here is an important dream
in that sense it makes all the other dreams feel like fillers, and i believe the dreams i have like this, are dreams of more significant meaning-

in one such dream i was greeted by two old friends (who i have yet to meet in waking life and who i hadnt seen in a very long time) in this dream one of the major events was that i ate my own hands

recently i have had another dream which on waking i felt different from usual, more significant in this dream i grabbed a friends foot, then the next night i sucked my friends toes, and bit and chewed on her feet -

im interested in finding out classic interpretations for, eating someone you knows feet

and it makes me wonder are these dreams more significant
or are they a direct result of my waking life experiences and mood
or perhaps both
or even something completely different

all thoughts and comments welcome

I don’t think personally that dreams are a way of predicting the future, or the state of your life, or any of those sorts of interpretations. I do believe that sometimes, we dream so that we can learn more about ourselves, but a lot of the time I believe that dreams are just dreams. However, I am not unfamiliar with the feeling of having what you called a ‘significant dream.’ Once I dreamt that I was standing with my dad in the computer room of my house when from outside, a voice thundered, “I am the God of Isaac and Abraham, the Lord of Kingdom Come. Bow to me!” When I woke up, I was SO SURE that it’d been some sort of vision. I obsessed over it for WEEKS. I realized later that it was affecting the way I went about things, I became absentminded, and only thought about that dream. I later went on to realize that it was just a dream, and that it most likely didn’t mean anything.

I can perfectly understand you two…I had similar dreams before…Dablooey is somehow quite correct with the interpretation part…And there could be something very special to the dream, but its really difficult to pick that up…From normal dreams its very simple to form the interpretation…But the kind of dreams you talk about, the ones that make you feel unusual, well they are difficult ones…

I can say that even if you dont work on the interpretation the feeling, the afterglow or fear stays with you and that’s the reason you should do something about it…Anyway, I googled about your dream and found someone else having a similar dream, its a grandmother having a dream of eating away her grandbaby’s hands…I know, a lot more disturbing than yours…I cannot point out to anything precise right not…But I sure am very interested in the interpretation…

So if you could share anything about your recent moods or happenings, I guess we could get into a right direction…