Signs before HI when using WILD

I’ve got a problem with motivation. I think it will dissapear when I’ll get to know with signs that says I’m going closer to fall asleep being conscious.

So, what do you feel for about 3-15 mins before falling asleep (when using WILD or other technique like this)?

Sometimes when i try to fall asleep when conscious using WILD technique my body gives me some signs, but i dont know what do they mean. For example i feel that my heart is beating faster or/and my eye-lids become heavier (but only for a few seconds).

What do you think about that? What signs can you notice when you try to fall asleep being conscious?

I feel my hands and legs heavy and, after a while, they get numb. During HI, I usually get lots of saliva in my mouth.

What I do is relax my muscles by breathing techniques.

Are you counting your breaths or something else? Describe it more exactly, please

To keep myself awake, I count my breaths. To relax, I breath in slowly and, when I exhale, I focus on a part of my body or muscle I want it to relax.

You should try to get a bit more drowsy before attempting to WILD, I think. Try to fall asleep as usual, but don’t do it to the end (think about a walk in the park for example for a few minutes).

Great idea, thanks

Damn, I fall asleep too fast, I dont even remember when… I try to focus… I must use third eye focus technique or i achieve nothing :sad: