signs in lucid dreams

Hey, ive recently become interested in lucid dreaming and have since had a few. However I have a few questions and was wondering if anybody had any answers. I’ve read that a proven way to determine whether you’re dreaming or not is to switch on a lightswitch or to look at a clock because in a dream the light won’t change and you won’t be able to read the clock; however i recently had a really strange dream in which i was told one of my friend’s mother’s friends (confusing i know) had died. Amongst other things in the dream i flicked a light switch and the light went out before looking at the clock and was able to read that it was 1:30 am. ?? Could someone explain to me what this could mean and how it could be possible, thanks… sorry to post such a long msg :wink:

Josephine i would do it more easy then that…just try some suggestions verbally spoken. Or read a book, most often the text will change when you read small parts again in a dream. In real life u dont ask yourself is this a dream? So that already is a sign. Or close your eyes for a split second and say ice cream or beach then when u open them after a split second, look if u are still at the same place. Dont hold eyes to long closed lol or u could wake up. Experiment, you are the creator when u are dreaming. The puppet master :wink: , its your world to control so explore :wink:

The next time you see a clock, try looking at it several (about 3) times. Digital Clocks tend to change in dreams. Sometimes the numbers change, sometimes weird symbols appear. But the first time you look at the clock, it might be normal.

Yup! Good advise Davidr :happy:

Clocks and also text u read most of the time will change when u look several times at them.

oh okay thanks ill remember that… i have another question, does anybody know much about telepathic dreams? a friend and i once had the exact same dream from different view points and we were both different people in the dream. When i told her id become interested in lucid dreaming she wanted to try too and we wanted to see if we could have a telepathic lucid dream, is that possible? anyway that night i dreamt i was in an old castle standing next to a large window and my friend had her back to the other side of the window but i couldnt get her to turn around in the dream, the next day she told me she had dreamt she was in an old castle with her back against a window talking to someone. then i told her that i wanted to meet an old friend of mine in a lucid dream because there were things i needed to tell him. that night i didnt have a lucid dream but my friend did and in her dream she saw me meeting with the man id wanted to speak to and heard me telling him everything i had planned to. Almost as though she had my lucid dream for me! has anyone had any simillar experiences or have any comments?

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I was also suprised when I realised I could turn the light on in a lucid dream after reading that it wasn’t possible. But I soon noticed a few other people here can do it too. I’ve found this thread about light switches. It depends a lot on what you expect to happen while you’re dreaming.


All I can tell you about shared dreaming is that there is no proof either way. Many on this forum strongly believe in shared dreaming while others don’t. If you and your friend can both lucid dream then by all means experiment away. I am afraid this is an answer you will have find for yourself.

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Happy dreaming.