Signs of approaching lucidity?

Yesterday, I had a dream in which I encountered a dining table with tiny boxes of bonbons labeled “Lucid dreaming” laying on top of it. Then I thought, what a hyped thing this has become, because now I am seeing it everywhere around me. However, it didn’t at all sparked any lucidity. Of course that was frustrating. Moreover, this morning I had quite a sad dream about feeling excluded due to not daring to do things, that I really wished would have become a lucid one, especially since it was so many dream signs in it, all of which I first realized when writing the dream down.

I did some research on the topic and found out that both of this things might be signs of trainging progression, that I am close. So, is that correct?

Made me remember this from the BIG Quest reQuest Topic Part III

It’s hard to say how close you are, but at least the idea of lucid dreaming has entered your dream.
I’m sure that browsing the forum and reading topics will get you even closer to your first LD

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I agree with moogle,try different techniques,try expertise advice,just surf here and you will get a success in no time