Signs to know you are having an OBE

First of all I’m new here so I want to say hi. I have been having these weird dreams lately and I can’t figure out what they are. Some nights, I will fall asleep and as soon as I do I suddenly feel as if my body, but it’s not body, is turning around and around vertically, and it scares me very much, so I wake up. Sometimes I feel myself almost flying straight ahead,or even upwards, at an enormous rate, almost at light speed. This feeling scares me to death. It’s different every night, but still the same kind of feeling of not quite dreaming, but not quite lucidity. (All though I am aware that I’m dreaming each time.) I love the feeling after I awake, but it scares me to death when I’m a sleep. I also find that I have sleep paralysis the majority of the time when this occurs. They feel almost like a nightmare, but I find myself wanting to do this again each night. I guess what I’m asking is how do I get over this fear, and if this is an OBE, or a lucid dream? Also how can I get past the sleep paralysis? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance! :help:

If you began to feel vibrations like Robert Monroe, then you can be sure that it was an OBE and not a lucid dream. I’m pretty sure that during the sleep paralysis state that if it’s an OBE you lose your five senses and lose awareness of everything outside your body prior to the separation unlike a WILD. As for the fear, just realize that you have a better chance of getting killed by an asteroid than meeting up with a malicious Astral entity.